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Site policy


 City of Yokohama, Nishi Ward runs this WEB site.
 About service that procedure and ward office where ward office becomes window carry out, we guide clearly.
 In addition, about various approaches by inhabitants of a ward performed in entertainment that we have you participate in inhabitants of a ward and held and each area in Nishi Ward, we tell about the state widely.
 We will expand contents in future so that this WEB site can help in life of inhabitants of a ward.

About making standard of page

 We make page based on "Yokohama-shi Internet information tray dispatch guidelines detailed rules 1 WEB page making standard" so that necessary information comes toward all that this WEB site is used appropriately.

About personal information

 We do not publish personal information (thing which can distinguish authorized individual by other descriptions on full name, the date of birth) in this WEB site basically. Inquiries with E-mail deal with personal information that had you appear based on "Yokohama-shi system for privacy protection" appropriately.

Copyright Policy

 As for all information to place in this WEB site, Yokohama-shi holds copyright.