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In the public information side, due west ward is for

November, 2018 issue (NO.253/11 one day a month issuance)

November, 2018 issue when due west ward is edition in the public information side

The public information side, please cooperate with due west ward version reader questionnaire

 About next five items, please send opinion. nishimarochan towel is presented by lot by one person!We look forward to voice of everybody
 (1) Your generation
 (2) Impression of special feature of this month
 (3) Article that was good with current issue and the reason
 (4) Article that we want to read in future
 (5) Other opinions, impressions

Answer method

 (1) Postcard, FAX
  You specify "reader questionnaire November issue" and answer to five items mentioned above, and please send.
 (2) Homepage
  Please reply than this questionnaire answer form.

Deadline for answer

 It must arrive by Friday, November 30

Questionnaire presentation, reference

 Nishi Ward Office Public Relations Section public information yokohama charge
 Address 〒 220-0051 center 1-5-10
 Telephone 320-8321
 FAX 314-8894

Back number that due west ward is edition in the public information side