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Make this; photogallery

City of Yokohama, Nishi Ward publishes photograph which we take and saved. As photo studio, you can enjoy charm of Nishi Ward. In addition, please inflect widely.



2.We look for in category

3.Collective downloading

In the use of open data

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We look for in category

・Nishi Ward pickup

 Night view    Kamonyama Park Naosuke Ii
Night view   Naosuke Ii image
・Kamonyama Park

・It is the same level as town

Slope   Bridge   Yokohama Station
Around Yokohama Station   Minato Mirai 21 district   Mall
Minato Mirai   Public facilities   Mall
Slope   Bridge   Public facilities

・Nature, scenery

Park   Cherry tree   Colored leaves   Flower
 Park    Cherry tree    Colored leaves    Flower

・The history, culture

Image   Festival
Monument, image   Festival

Collective downloading is this

Collective downloading (1) ... night view, mall, slope, public facilities, cherry tree, monument, image

Collective downloading (2) ... Naosuke Ii image, Kamonyama Park, around Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai 21 district, colored leaves, flower, festival

Collective downloading (3) ... bridge

Collective downloading (4) ... park