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Town walk campaign of / spring when \ participation for free / \ luxurious premium is
"Look for nishimarochannoburari senryu!" and carry out o!

The campaign mentioned above was finished. Thank you for your much participation.

We get announcement of elected candidate with shipment of premium.

 We title saying "look for nishimarochannoburari senryu!" and carry out spring town walk campaign this spring.
 It is town walk of game sense to find out senryu which mascot character "nishimarochan" of interspersed Nishi Ward wrote in ward.
 Found senryu is seven in total. When we gather all latter half of a tanka five characters of senryu and we write in keyword arrived at at postcard which campaign paper has and apply, we get premium wonderful by lot!

Conduct period     From Saturday, March 25, 2017 to Sunday, June 4, 2017

Around conduct area Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai 21 district, Mt. Kamon (thing stops) park

Acquisition place of campaign paper 
  Yokohama Station tourist information center     (from 9:00 to 19:00)
 Sakuragicho Station tourist information center (9:00~18:00)
 Nishi Ward Office (for from 8:45 to 17:00, it is excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  ※The parenthesis is business hours. Positional information is seen when we click the distribution place mentioned above.
   In addition, we are going to arrange in public facilities in ward.

 Spring town walk campaign cover  Aspect during spring town walk campaign  Campaign senryu memo
↑Cover of campaign paper
 (we increase in image click)
↑We confirm position where senryu is found in on map of aspect out of paper ↑Design that seven senryus found in Nishi Ward do not come

We hit by lot! Wonderful premium lineup
A prize one set two people B prize one set two people  C prize five sets ten people   D prize five sets ten people
Spring town walk campaign A prize image Sirius pair dinner ticket  Spring town walk campaign B prize image cafe Flora pair lunch ticket  Spring town walk campaign C Prize spire spare admission ticket  Spring town walk campaign D prize image original iron model Museum pair admission ticket 
Yokohama Landmark Tower
Skylounge "Sirius" (the 70th floor)
Pair dinner ticket
Yokohama Landmark Tower
Cafe cafe Flora (B1 floor)
Pair lunch ticket
Yokohama natural hot spring spires
Pair admission ticket
※One younger than 18 years is impossible of admission
Original railroad model Museum
Pair admission ticket
E prize five sets ten people  F prize five people  G prize six people   H prize ten people
Spring town walk campaign E Prize image pair appreciation ticket  Spring town walk campaign F prize Museum original notebook  Spring town walk campaign G prize Japanese towel dance  Spring town walk campaign H prize Nissan mobile charger 
Yellowtail rear short-short theater
Short film program
Pair appreciation ticket
Yokohama-bijutsukan original
Notebook two (A4 & A5) set
※Color taste is not available.
Yokohama Noh-theater
Original Japanese towel "dance"
Mobile charger
I prize 20 people  It is / in one that came off because of \ lottery
Prize for W chance
100 people
Spring town walk campaign I prize image nishimarochan scarf towel  no image 
nishimarochan original
Scarf towel
※Color taste is not available.
Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru original
Clear file

 [apology] About premium lineup error in writing of the campaign paper concerned
 Among premium lineups published in campaign paper distributing now of Yokohama Noh-theater offer, about "original Japanese towel "dance," it is "article not for sale", but it is goods which can purchase definitely in noh theater. We correct and apologize.

Request on participating

As there is not senryu in soil and water in store in Closed to the Public area, pay facility, please do not look for.
You go into mischief even if you find senryu, and please do not carry away.
About damage of instrument which we occurred by act of participant, we may ask for repair by burden on participant.
About the damage by injury, disease that you occurred during participation or theft, please note that you cannot take responsibility.
Please refrain from act that is a nuisance to other people and action to seem questioningly.
Please do not release contents and answer of this campaign with homepage or blog. (it is OK to make topic.)
One where is lower than primary schoolchild, please participate with protector.
In addition, you see instructions of campaign paper well, and please participate.

The support
Support logo  


 Keihin Electric Express Railway Co.,Ltd., Tokyu Corporation, Yokohama Minatomirai Railway

  Town walk campaign charge of Nishi Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section spring
 Telephone: 045-320-8329 
 FAX: 045-322-9847
  Email: ni-kusei@city.yokohama.jp