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Mascot character "nishimarochan" of Nishi Ward


 We made mascot character "nishimarochan" of Nishi Ward in the image of "not guessing" that it was flower of Nishi Ward in 2007.
 There was not the name at first, but we received "we are pretty" voice with "there not being the name" from inhabitants of a ward and we invited public participation for the public and were decided.
 For the name, wish "that activity of Nishi Ward is mellow and advance" to is put.
 We hold baptism on stage of inhabitant of a ward Festival on November 4, 2007 and play an active part in events to be carried out afterward in ward.

nishimarochan profile

Birthday February 4
Attribute Spirit to be like narcissus   
Character Narcissist (because flower language of narcissus is narcisism, narcissist), friend thought, type to be praised, and to improve 
Wish It be for spirit to be like only flower in Nishi Ward becoming wonderful town, mascot No. 1, the world
Friend hikonyan, marinosuke
Words to be said well How one looks in the picture is good!
Special ability You sprinkle, and make all smile
What we mind Being said to be sunflower (yellow) 
Favorite song nikomachinouta
Favorite food Sunlight, water, CO2, siomai
Height, the weight Feeling on the day
Like Basking in the sun
Rival Oneself yesterday's
Place to often go to Mt. Noge, Mt. Kamon (thing stops), Yokohama Station
nishimarochanno illustration
Usage of costume, image is this
nishimarochanno illustration
August 21, 2018 update
nishimarochanno illustration
May 1, 2018 update