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About holding of citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival ※It was finished.
 Thank you for your visit of much one.

Big event of Nishi Ward reaching the 42nd in this year, citizen of Nishi Ward Festival.
Group or company moving into action around the ward open a store and are the area that can conflict with much information's greatest festival.
Popular eating and drinking booth and refreshment stand, attractive various events including spot sale fair of ride actually fresh vegetables of mini-SL are full.
Come to venue by all means.

※About holding of citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival, we performed news release.
Press release document (October 27, 2017 publication) (PDF: 626KB)

Citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival poster  


Citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival holding summary

  [the date and time] Sunday, November 5 from 10:00 to 14:30 (executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather cancellation) 
  [venue] Tobe Koen, Nisimae Elementary School

"Open space of living"

PR of group and company which are active in Frankfurt and Yakisoba, handmade cookies, sale and little child fire prevention batter such as soft serve, taking a ceremonial photograph, ward of railroad, bus uniform.

Open space 1 of 2016 living    State 2 of open space of 2016 living

Stage event

We can enjoy various stage events including opening performance of annual, group of Yutaka Sugi drum and preschooler and mascot characters performance which is active around cute collaboration dance and the ward.

Stage program 


State 1 of 2016 stage    State 2 of 2016 stage


About service of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival for free bus

We operate free bus going around the ward on the day of the citizen of Nishi Ward Festival. When you come to venue, please use. (it travels every approximately 30 minutes)

Bus route

 Free bus route map



Under "money of support" acceptance!

Various places of wide inhabitant of a ward host inhabitant of a ward Festival for livable town planning of inhabitant of a ward cooperation and are arrived from child to adult many people every year. Administration of festival is managed by Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations in ward and each group, support of company. We look forward to support of festival who can approve of purpose.
About company, group which had you support, we post company, group name in venue.
Money of support: 10,000 yen ...

●Contact The citizen of Nishi Ward Festival executive committee secretariat (the Nishi Ward Regional Promotion Division)
      Telephone: 045-320-8386

※About information of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival, we publish the public information side in due west ward version October issue.