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Town walk map to establish in this

As for the Nishi Ward, area where a lot of area full of the good old old downtown atmosphere and commercial facilities and tourist facilities continue developing into coexists
Town of "taking a lesson from the past."
We distribute "town walk map" that charm of such a Nishi Ward was jam-packed tightly.
It is information full loading from celebrity tourist attraction to the highlight that is tsu where we wait when we know, and walk becomes fun.

It will be about to be over map for saa, town walk in hand♪

NEW In July, 2018, "we rose of taking a lesson from the past of living" to map, and (to page of special feature that due west ward is edition in the public information side) and "nishinohashi" increased!

Distribution place

Nishi Ward Office the first floor first window
West district center
Fujidana district center


The "nishikumachi walk map" surface (PDF: 2.0MB)
"nishikumachi walk map" back surface (PDF: 0.4MB)

Town walk map to establish in this

Press release document

October 8, 2015 press release document (361KB)