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Sightseeing, statistics

Map of Nishi Ward

Nishi Ward inhabitant of a ward life map (Portable Document Format, 4.25MB) (is information of the end of March, 2017)

Nishi Ward inhabitant of a ward life map GIS version

Town walk map surface (PDF: 2.0MB), back surface to establish in this (PDF: 0.4MB)

Tourist attraction of Nishi Ward

We introduce tourist attractions of Nishi Ward. As well as well known sightseeing spot, is favorite spot only for you found?

Bridge of Nishi Ward

Nishi Ward has many rivers, and there are a lot of bridges, too. We introduce bridge built over Nishi Ward with photograph.

Park of Nishi Ward

There are park with a view of port, park where there is many in Nishi Ward from park where animal is to park to settle though it is small. Please find favorite park.

Nishi Ward history walk rises

We introduce history way of Nishi Ward.

Walk course

We introduce Mt. Noge course and Mt. Kamon course.

Nishi Ward stroll

You take a walk through Nishi Ward and do not discover new charm, or please enjoy stroll.
(from November, 1997 to April, 2004, public information width is sketching and sentence published in due west ward version. It may be different from current scenery.)

The future looks from the late Tokugawa period; eruyokohama promenade

Sightseeing information (to page of sightseeing in Yokohama convention bureau)

Summary of Nishi Ward

Population, characteristic of Nishi Ward

We introduce population, area, industry, characteristic of Nishi Ward.

The history of Nishi Ward

We look back on the history and cityscape of town in photograph.

Public information

In the public information side, due west ward is for

You can look at every month on public information yokohamao homepage issuing.

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