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About offer of food in event

 When we sell food by events and we cook and provide food, we may need food patente application and report.
 When there is offer of food by events, in Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, please talk about events with west Health and Welfare Center Living and Health Department, Food Sanitation Section in advance more than held 1-2 weeks ago.

 Request to << event organizer≫
  About event with many branch people treating food, you grasp branch content in organisers enough, and please consider to have you install necessary meeting place facilities. In addition, about necessary/required procedures such as submission of documents, we hope that we have you gather in organisers if possible.

When we provide food by 1 event free, (including sampling, sampling), please submit "food offer registration form". In addition, in the case of plan opened a store using kitchen car by event, please already submit this registration form even if kitchen car obtained food patente in Yokohama-shi. (when you do not have permission in ※ Yokohama-shi, food patente application is necessary.)
→In any of 1, we can report from window or Yokohama-shi electron application, report service.

Please choose terminal of use.
* It is use with PC

* It is use with smartphone

When it is 2 festivals or event, and held place provides food by event to correspond to the next requirements target event the held days, sponsor, please submit "event holding notice" (to city HP).
  Precaution when we handle food, please identify reference materials.

 (1) Target event
  ● Athletic meet and summer festival that Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association and inhabitants organizations of malls host
  ● It is citizen festival and Yokohama-shi hosts or cosponsors
  ● Fair festivals such as Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple
  ● Agriculture festival, industrial festivals that various groups host such as agricultural cooperative, fishermen's cooperative association
  ● Various events that welfare group performs
  ● Company festival (except ※ business act) that company performs for local residents
  ● School festival, athletic meet, bazaar that (including nursery school, kindergarten) such as schools hosts

 (2) The held days
  In holding of the same sponsor or the same event, around five times a year, the held days per once are less than five days.
 (3) Held area
  Sponsor is held around activity area of inhabitants tissue.

  <reference materials>
   To all of you providing food by event (handbill for sponsors)
   About the handling of food by event (handbill for exhibitors)

When it is case except 3 2 and we make cooking (acts to pour heating, seifu, cut, subdivision, drink) and sell food, "patente application" is necessary.

When we sell without being case except 4 2, and performing cooking (acts to pour heating, seifu, cut, subdivision, drink) of food,
"report of report business" is necessary. But "patente application" is necessary by sale only for packing product when we sell fermented milk, meat, fishery products such as milk, yoghurt such as milk.

  <reference materials: Guide of food-related patente application
  <reference materials: On performing food-related business in Pacifico-yokohama

  <when we want to download style this>

Style that is necessary on holding  Mention example of style Report style of business closing, the abolition
・ Food patente application Mention example of application Report of business closing
・ Business report Mention example of business report Report of abolition
・ Report of event holding Mention example of report of event holding None (report unnecessary)
・ Offer registration form of food Mention example of offer registration form of food None (report unnecessary)

※In addition, if you have any questions, please refer.


West Health and Welfare Center Living and Health Department, Food Sanitation Section (Nishi Ward Office the second floor 28th window)
〒220-0051 1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone 045-320-8442 FAX 045-320-2907