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Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations

 Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Associations solve problem to happen in area and are voluntary group to plan interchange of living people.
 Nishi Ward has a lot of gussets which traditional neighborly relations follow, but, on the other hand, may not know next, who lives.
 When accident, case of disaster and emergency happened; cooperation with neighborhood is important to be spiritually rich, and save and to live happily above all. Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations deepens communication of that purpose. Does everybody not participate in activity, too?

Alliance Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association of Nishi Ward

 Plural Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association is gathered up every seven districts and perform local action in bigger range.
As for the detailed information including activity contents of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations of Nishi Ward, please see "association of Nishi Ward Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association communication meeting homepage".

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