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When family died

Please file for the death in Family Registry Section (the first floor sixth).

Notification period From day when knew fact of the death (including the day) less than seven days (from day when knew the fact when there was the death in foreign territory less than three months.)
※When the seventh day is closed days of ward office, open agency day, the following day is the last day of notification period.
Applicant Relative, housemate
Report place In death place, permanent address of person who died, the location (the address ground) of applicant either ward office (the municipalities)
Necessary thing

For more details, to death registration/death notification form (Civic Affairs Bureau page)
Family Registry Section telephone: 045-320-8331

When we correspond other than the above as follows, procedure is necessary.
About belongings necessary for procedure, please confirm in each window.

Target person  Necessary procedure Window Window Reference
Phone number
 In household which person passed away has the same in family nurturer
 There is one 16 years or older more than two people
 Family nurturer notification of change  Registration Section         The first floor third  045-320-8334
 We joined National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)  Report of qualification loss  National Pension Plan Section   The first floor tenth   045-320-8421 
 Request such as lump sums to the family of the deceased
 We received National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
 (consultation of procedure method in pension office)
 Annuity person death registration/death notification form
 Request of non-supply pension
 It was person targeted for The Long-term Care Insurance  Report of qualification loss
 ※To the second floor 21st as for the person applying for certification of care need in total
 National Health Insurance Section   The first floor seventh   045-320-8425 
 We took out National Health Insurance of Yokohama-shi  Report of qualification loss
 Family nurturer notification of change
 ※When person passed away is family nurturer, and there is member to member of household
 Funeral costs supply application  Payment responsible    The first floor ninth    045-320-8427  
 We joined elderly aged 75 or over medical care  Procedure accompanied with the qualification loss
 Funeral costs supply application
 It became single-parent home   Single-parent welfare Medical Certificate
 Application of Child Raising Allowance  Of welfare health
 General consultation
 The second floor 23rd    045-320-8402
 Child is entering authorization nursery school  Household situation change procedure  045-320-8472
 We received Child Allowance  Recipient change procedure  045-320-8468
 We had mental health welfare notebook  Report of qualification loss  Obstacle charge  The second floor 22nd  045-320-8450
 "Independence support Medical Certificate" (mind going to hospital medical care)
 We had this
 We had "certificate of the physically disabled"  Of welfare health
 General consultation
 The second floor 23rd  045-320-8400
 We had "nursing notebook"
 "Identification of authorized medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) recipient"
 We had this
 "Identification of authorized medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) recipient" return registration form  Elderly and Disabled Support Section  The second floor 21st  045-320-8419
 "It is child of A-bomb victim "health handbook of an A-bomb victim"
 We had identifications of physical checkup consultation
  • A-bomb victim death registration/death notification form
  • "Identification of child physical checkup consultation of A-bomb victim" return books
 Health Promotion Section  The second floor 26th  045-320-8439

When you have the following, please repay in window.

  Window Reference
Phone number
 Private seal registration document                                        Registration Section          The first floor third  045-320-8334  
 Resident registry card
 Notice card my number card
 Medical Certificate for infant  Payment responsible  The first floor ninth  045-320-8427
 Single-parent welfare Medical Certificate
 Severeness person with a disability Medical Certificate
 Identification of hepatitis treatment recipient  Health Promotion Section  The second floor 26th  045-320-8439
 It is card with Hama  Elderly and Disabled Support Section  The second floor 21st  045-320-8493
 Identification of respect for the old special ride
 Welfare special ticket  045-320-8419
 Welfare taxi ticket
 Children chronicity identification illness medical care certificate  Of welfare health
 General consultation
 The second floor 23rd  045-320-8468
 Nurture medical care ticket
 Identification of independence support medical care (upbringing medical care) recipient