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When we bring up child (to elementary school)

Child care support information

To homepage of Nishi Ward area child care support base "smile port"

Swing of degree returns for Nishi Ward area child care support base business four years
 Nishi Ward area child care support base "smile port" is nine years (the administration second quarter) from open in this year.
 We look back on business operation content of the second four years, and please see as we settled problems.

 ・ Nishi Ward area child care support base business evaluation seat (style 1)
 ・ Ministry of collaboration business process each other inspection sheet (style 2)
 ・ Business evaluation conduct summary (style 3) with well-informed person

Nishi Ward child care MAP

Before baby is born

To one becoming daddy mom soon

If baby is born

To one that became daddy mom

Process of baby food

As reference materials on advancing baby food, please inflect.

Consultation of child care

What kind of, by the way, what kind of one which we can talk about is it?
Introductions of places that we can talk about about child care

At the time of disease

Are you sick? If think of this; introductions such as emergency clinics

Nursery school

Introduction about nursery school in Nishi Ward


Minamisengen Nursery center

It is dispatch from municipal Minamisengen Nursery center


Introduction about kindergarten in Nishi Ward

It is child care with single

To person doing child care with single

Let's find friend of child care!

Friend of child care is ... in such a place

When you plan circle activity and study session, event, please inflect

It is activity information for children

For child with obstacle

For child with obstacle

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