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It is breath a little

Picture that child plays with clay

Favorite play of 4 years old child is ...

 In the 4 years old child class of Minamisengen Nursery center, "cat" is boom.
Elder class has small handmade "cat" as 20 of them, and enviable child stands.
One day "cat" same as elder comes over to class a lot and is delighted!
We introduce state when children describe picture in corrugated cardboard or paper and cut and began o promptly saying "we mend house of cat!".

Child representing design of house stands saying "we make what kind of house".
A lot of wonderful pictures were drawn in no time.

"I said with the third-floor ... to do for show", and drew, but "do not all enter, is a! We described continuance with paper as the back saying you should write on the back. Good idea!

Child seems to do drawing
Child seems to do color coating with paint It is production of real "house" afterwards. We paint with crayon and paint and.
It became colorful house. Of children want to do it! Feelings overflow of this.
Play spreads out while sharing image with friend and enjoys while childminder is excited at activity to open from "house of cat" and there evolving little by little together every day!
Finished "house"

Recommended picture book 

For a time before sleeping, do you not enjoy picture book in parent and child?

●"waniwaninoofuro" sentence: Sachi Kokaze picture: Yamaguchi ramie Gospel building bookstore Bath  
As one one of the pictures is written with print, it is felt close, and children love "crocodile" real powerfully at all. Other "crocodiles" series is popular, too.


●"Take a rest kokko" product, picture: Ken Katayama    Gospel building bookstore
 kokko expresses feeling of child of around 2-3 years old, and "things which are not idle" will be that children sympathize with exchanging saying "it is the same". Other series is popular, too.

Popular recipe "sweet jellied bean paste" of nursery school

We introduce menu which is quite popular with children.

It is lightly sweetened and we cool and can eat deliciously.

◆Materials ◆(for two adults)

 ・150 g to go, and to worry about (possible even as for the commercial thing)
 ・Powder agar     2 g 
 ・WED      270cc 
 ・5-15 g of sugar
 ・Salt        A little
         Sweet jellied bean paste

◆How to make◆
 (1) We pour water of quantity into pan and it falls and puts powder agar and moistens.
 (2) We put (1) on fire and boil well until agar melts.
 (3) We spend in (2) and we put bean jam and boil to work out sugar until, in addition, we do sputteringly.
 (4) We add salt to finish and stop fire and take rough heat. (so that dough does not separate! )
 (5) We spread in model and put (4) and we cool and harden.

   ※We modify quantity of sugar to go, and to add by sweetness, preference of bean jam.  
   ※You boil down, and, with condition, please regulate hardness. (so that quantity of whole quite decreases by 10%)

                                    Picture of cooking tool