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 Director communication

  In news from last director, we had a talk that it was important to bring up "basic confidence = basic trust" for the infants period.
  We want to begin with story of three major nutrition for person this time.
 By the way, do you think that three major nutrient for person is what?       

  It is said to be "sleep" "meal" "stroke". 
The growth development (meal, sleep, stroke) of person
 It is said that these three major nutrition is necessary to bring up "basic confidence = basic trust".

 Then what will stroke be?

★What is stroke?
・In acknowledgment of existence of partner, it is act to turn for partner, various pressure
・Nutrition required for the breeding of person
・We greatly influence personality
・There are affirmative (plus) and negative (minus)
★What is affirmative stroke?
・Physical contact such as hugging to smile at to drag cheeks brushing head easily, and to do
・Convey words of thanks, praise, detect
・We listen to story slowly and carefully
・We trust and entrust
 We say all of words and acts to affirm partner.
Picture of bear
☆When is given affirmative stroke; ...
・We realize that I am taken good care of
・I feel that existence is accepted
・When I am valuable human being, we notice
 We feel joy such as the above to be strong.
 Person increases a feeling of self-affirmation by receiving affirmative stroke.
★What is negative stroke?
・Swat, shout
・Disturb, push, throw out
・Disparage, criticize
・Ignore, get rid, attack
 We say all of acts to deny the significance of being.

 Because it is required nutrition, as for the stroke, even negative stroke is told to come to be going to get for human being when affirmative stroke is not provided.  
 We do act to get yelled at, hated act and pull attention of partner and seem to come to be going to get because we are enough even for negative (minus) stroke.
 Such an action is said to be "attention acquisition action" and points to behavior that is going to attract attention.
 However, we think, "you must avoid negative stroke!" too much and are at the mercy of child because we are conscious of negative stroke and attention acquisition action because person always does act that is going to draw attention of favorite person and do not have an influence that it is good for child that the good or bad of things is not conveyed. As for the child who did not have you convey important thing to live, it is to adult without wearing rule and rule, promise of the world and social will leave, and it is in the life when it is hard to grow for the person. We think that it is duty of familiar adult that bring up power living for with neighboring people comfortably.
 In fact, we feel that it is saying "child care is great" and are worried with ... when we tell this and that. It is repeated, but because it is Nobody' s perfect, we do not do our best too much and do doing it and think that we enjoy child care moderately when glad.
 Minamisengen Nursery center has child care support room, and all parent and child of mishuenji can come to play. Please come without reserve. Trouble of child care shares uneasiness between nursery staff and local mother, too and is troubled together and we support and assist with all the child care companions and should be able to enjoy child care.

Minamisengen Nursery center long Yoko Nishikawa
Motto nikoyakanimeokaketeokakekokorokake

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