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Exercise basics information

  1. Effect of exercise?
  2. What is locomotive syndrome?
  3. We will check local people!
  4. As opportunity after starting exercise
  5. Walking information
  6. korobanyo exercises

Effect of exercise?

Exercise is effective in bringing influence that is good for body and health of heart.

■We lower risk of lifestyle-related diseases!
Findings that probability that person performing exercise well has coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, colon cancer is low appear.

■We have good effect on health of heart!
Heart is refreshing when we move body and feels that it is comfortable. Exercise leads to change and stress-relieving. Therefore it is admitted that it is effective in exercise keeping health of heart.

We can send life that became independent for a longer time!
Exercise is effective for physical strength, maintenance of muscular strength and improvement. When muscular strength is turned on, it leads to reduction of pain of waist and knee. Particularly, exercise is important as the prevention of age-related life functional decline (locomotive syndrome) in elderly people.
We do gymnastics in families

What is locomotive syndrome (for short locomotive syndrome)?

We have disorder of exercise device including age-related muscle weakness and bone, arthropathy and are in ability to "walk to sit down on to stand" decreasing.

■Why do you suffer from locomotive syndrome?
Live a life without exercise custom, and is skinny, of drop, sports of obesity, active mass do too much, injuries by accident

Leaving of pain and tiredness, the onset, osteoporosis of exercise device disease, degenerative gonarthrosis, spondylosis deformans

"Stand, sit down, drop (locomotive syndrome) of ability to walk"

As a result, it becomes hard to go out.

We will check local people!

Socks do not sell in single foothold

We trip in house and slip

Handrail is necessary to go up stairs

Slightly heavy work of house is difficult (use, futon of vacuum cleaner load and unload)

It is difficult to buy around 2 kilograms, and to take to go

We cannot walk successively for around 15 minutes

We cannot cross pedestrian crossing on green light

Illustration which stumbles over one leg

※When even one comes under, it may be already locomotive syndrome. We recommend early measures.
Locomotive syndrome challenge (orthopedics society official recognition locomotive syndrome prevention enlightenment official site of Japan) from this
We will move a lot of ten minutes, body from now

We can perform exercise enough in everyday life. For example, it is approximately 1,000 steps when we walk for ten minutes. We use stairs not escalator which sometimes walks place to go by bicycle and will think about it being possible in life.

As opportunity after starting exercise

In Yokohama-shi and facility in Nishi Ward, we develop the next business. Please participate!

  • yokohama walking point (Yokohama-shi)

According to steps that we walked using exclusive pedometer, premium hits by lot! (older than target age: 18 years old)
⇒The details this (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau "yokohama walking point" official site) 

   Illustration which attaches pedometer, and walks
    Illustration of card reader

  • yokohama health stamp rally (Yokohama-shi)

When we participate in health promotion business and collect stamps, premium hits by lot! (Yokohama citizen and person going to school commuting in Yokohama-shi)
⇒The details this (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau "yokohama health stamp rally" official site)
Stamp of healthy stamp rally


Walking information

In the next page, we actually place precaution and walking event information when we walk. Please check

⇒The details this (link to page of walking information)

korobanyo exercises

In the next page, we publish about korobanyo exercises. Please check

⇒The details this (link to page of korobanyo exercises)

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