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Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi health promotion portal site

It is important above all "to postpone healthy life expectancy" to spend time like oneself well forever.
In Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi health promotion portal site, we place event information to support point and health promotion to spend every day with health.
You see, and please can be useful for health promotion of daily you and family!
 ◆Lifestyle-related diseases (eating habits / tooth, oral / smoking, drinking / motion / rest, heart) / cancer screening / tuberculosis / AIDS / and others infectious disease / Vaccinations / nutrition consultation / baby food classroom 

Banner of plenty of vegetables recipe introduction

■ News ... from topics - Health Promotion Section

About outbreak of influenza[NEW!]

About Yokohama-shi rubella measures business

Reader of "yokohama walking point" was installed in the first floor of the Nishi Ward Government building Nishitomo Hiroba!

Yokohama-shi cancer screening guide (PDF)

Let's be careful about infectious disease

yokohama walking point

■ We improve improvement - lifestyle of lifestyle, and let's postpone healthy life expectancy! ...
Healthy life expectancy means "period when we can live without everyday life being restricted by health problem".
It is the first point "to live a life that we kept lifestyle-related diseases prevention in mind" to postpone healthy life expectancy.
You review own life, too, and let's work on lifestyle-related diseases prevention.
With lifestyle-related diseases health condition of ... you self-; let's check! ...
The eating habits
  "Plenty of vegetables recipe" of dietary modification, everybody pride
  Let's carry out a moderate activity continuously
Tooth, oral cavity
  Let's maintain oral health
Rest, heart
  Moderate rest is necessary
Smoking, drinking
  Smoking hayamemasho, liquor will make appropriate amount
   Healthy column
  We support you who do your best
■ Nishi Ward Health Promotion Section relations business
We introduce duties performing in Nishi Ward Office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section.
Tuberculosis, AIDS, other infectious diseases, Vaccinations
  Let's be careful about infectious disease
Various consultation, classrooms
 Livingry early as for the point
Medical expenses subsidy program, procedure
  Tuberculosis, hepatitis, being bombed, asbestos relations
Nishi Ward health promotion affiliate
  Health promotion in area
■ kenshin, health promotion event, Yokohama-shi health promotion business
Healthy event in Nishi Ward Office
  Let's get information by e-mail magazine registration
yokohama health-style
  Walking stamp rally
kenshin, various inspection
 Let's receive cancer screening. Point is early detection, early treatment!
Health Yokohama 21
  Health promotion plan of Yokohama citizen
yokohama health cheering party
  Under participation shop offer!
■ Medical care