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Health promotion-related event in Nishi Ward

 ■ Health promotion-related event schedule
 ■ Nishi Ward Office health promotion e-mail magazine

We carry out the following health promotion event in Nishi Ward Office Health Promotion Section! (from April, 30 to March, 31)

Family, friend, please participate with your friends.
In addition, in Nishi Ward Office Health Promotion Section, we apply "Nishi Ward Office health promotion e-mail magazine" to deliver healthy information or health promotion-related event information regularly. Please register at this opportunity!

 The dateContentsTime and venueRemarks
1 Thursday, June 7
... ... which was finished
"Health promotion support event" ... ... which was finished

We offer various menus including the measurement using apparatuses and healthy information!
Professional staff including health nurse, dietician supports health promotion of everybody!
Do you not review about own health together by all means?
From 13:30 to 16:00
Nishi Ward Office the third floor

Application is not necessary
Come to venue directly
2 Monday, July 30
 ... ... which was finished
"Refreshment in parent and child!" ... ... which was finished
Beauty exercise of 0 years old child mom  
From 13:15 to 15:15
Nishi Ward Office the third floor
3AB meeting room

30 sets of first arrival
3 Sunday, November 4
... ... which was finished

"Citizen of the 43rd Nishi Ward Festival ... health open space ..." ... ... which was finished

Group or company moving into action around the ward open a store,
It is the area that can conflict with much information's greatest festival.

☆Notice of measurement actually healthy information such as blood vessel age or grip
We hold stamp rally which there are consultation corner, premium in!
We look forward to visit of everybody♪

From 10:00 to 14:30
Tobe Koen, Nisimae Elementary School
4 Sunday, December 2
... ... which was finished
"Walking Festival of the twelfth Nishi Ward Hama" ... ... which was finished
Trace surface of a river, the iza Westernization!

A whole bunch! Seaside course (long distance, approximately 10km) 9:00 - acceptance
Relaxedly ♪ Riverside course (short distance, approximately 6km) 9:30 - acceptance

☆Service of check and oshiruko healthy in goal venue
We plan this.
From 9:00 to 13:00

Start venue: Tobe Koen
Goal venue: Rinko Park (Seaside Park)
 1,000 first arrival
※Detailed nitsukima of application
When we do, in the public information side, due west ward is for
We will tell with October issue.

It is 300 yen more than the public, high school student
Small, junior high student 100 yen
Preschool child 0 yen

Do you not enroll in Nishi Ward Office health promotion e-mail magazine?

Nishi Ward Office delivers sponsorship or health promotion event and healthy information to cosponsor. Please register by all means!

Delivery contents

We deliver healthy information or health promotion-related event information at any time.

Main target person

  • Nishi Ward residence, working

Participation form

Person in hope of delivery can register freely by yourself. When we stop delivery, like registration, we can perform freely by yourself.

Registration, cancellation method

Please go according to instructions of screen by yourself from the next page. ▼Registration, cancellation page

When you register from cell-phone, you list title in the next address, and please send.

  • Address:nishiku-kenkou-request@ml.city.yokohama.jp
  • Title subscribe
  • I send email of enrollment confirmation in reply when you send email to. According to instructions of email that you received, please register.

※We cannot perform registration, cancellation in Nishi Ward Office Health Promotion Section. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please file by yourself.

Instructions on using

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    • About facilities, expense necessary for connection, it burdens person using.
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