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Anti-crime program, disaster prevention, damage


Anti-crime program

Disaster prevention

Disaster prevention guide for small, junior high students New!!

  • To have you deepen understanding about action that oneself can do when big earthquake was generated and the preparation from day to earthquake disaster,
    We made disaster prevention guide for small, junior high students.The details are this

2017 evacuation shelter disaster drill

  • Evacuation shelter training of 2017 was finished in (Sun) and 10th (Sun) on Saturday, September 2, 3rd.
    Thank you for participation all of you who had you cooperate.

Maintenance assistance such as Nishi Ward initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. appliances

Nishi Ward disaster preparedness plan


Evacuation sites


The everyday preparation

Various maps● 

      ※Please see from this about information for all cities.
   Inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map
(to page of City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau)

Weather information

    ▶ Aratama River (Utsumi Bridge)
    ▶ Katabira River (Motohiranuma Bridge)

Public utilities

 ≪Water supply >> ※We move to page of Water Works Bureau.

≪Other public utilities≫



Earthquake disaster related information

Group, facility