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Procedure, consultation

Family register, resident registration


Garbage and recycling


The welfare, health

Anti-crime program, disaster prevention

National Health Insurance

Medical system for elder senior citizens

Medical expenses subsidy program

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)

Social movement, hobby, learning


Child care

Life hygiene

We guide about thing about food-related patente and food hygiene person in charge, things about license such as masters of master of confectionery hygiene, globefish kitchen knife, information, procedure about medical care.

It is guide of giving a service mail such as business permits

Health and Social Welfare Bureau "food safety Yokohama WEB"

Yokohama City Inst. of Health


Group, facility
Food safety Yokohama WEB
Institute for health
(Germany) agriculture and forestry fisheries consumption security technique center
(public corporation) Association of Kanagawa plague control
Association of Nishi Ward food hygiene

Road, water and sewage, park