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List of the past news

"Nishi Ward is good! We issued printing block for Heisei, Nishi-ku 29 years judging from data. (April 11)
/ luxurious premium to start is \ Saturday, March 25! We carry out spring town walk campaign (March 24)
"Special train" publicizing charm of Yokohama runs through town with spring breeze! (March 15)
[offer] Recruitment of members of Nishi Ward life support section temporary worker education support specialty guidance (March 21)
Environmental panel exhibition "hard! Operation Amazons University (July 19)
Nishi Ward snuggled up, and recruitment of model life support project consignors was finished. (January 30)
2016 Nishi Ward community development college student offer (June 28)
"Let's eat Hama nishide! We are distributing ... "delicious thing of Nishi Ward" introduction! (November 07)
About long-term closing plan of 2017 of west district center, west public hall (December 09)
We cleaned course of walking Festival of the tenth Nishi Ward Hama (December 4)! (November 30)
Student of information science technical school waits Nishi-ku and releases walk application more! (November 06)
We revised "Nishi Ward town development policy"! (November 15)
Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about staff of ward office! (November 17)
We hold Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward combination human rights lecture in 2016! (November 09)
<the offer end> About holding of course "knowing my town, Nishi Ward" (October 06)
We perform ticketing of the 33rd Yokohama kamonyama ability! (October 07)
Under <ticketing!>We hold 18 wards of Yokohama short film & concert Kazune Shimizu piano recital! (September 28)
Nishi Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture "recruit applications of thing - "which pleasing ... book to read can tell in book. (September 09)
[postponement] News (August 29) of the 33rd Yokohama kamonyama nokumintaisho ticket precedent sale
We deliver i Phone version free and start! We wait for Nishi Ward, and walk application "NISHIMARO DIARY" is completed! (May 20)
We hold "meeting entering nishiku boy kitchen" course (July 07)
News (June 28) from Nishitomo Hiroba
It recruits citizen of the 41st Nishi Ward Festival stage performer, sale area "open space of living" branch people! (May 31)
We assist replacement by purchase expenses such as hoses for firefighting! (June 01)
About 2016 Nishi Ward administration policy (May 02)
We hold "town development lecture of we make together, assisting"! (May 01)