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List of the past news

At store by all means after "Yokohama Triennale 2017" appreciation nearby meal and shopping! (October 12)
[under great admiration acceptance!] We hold walking Festival of the eleventh Nishi Ward Hama! (October 16)
To one where notice of my number card is not received (October 16)
We updated nishimarochanno "dispatch plan"! (October 05)
We updated nishimarochanno "activity record"! (October 05)
Nishi Ward [under recruitment of participants!] "Dock of Hama" and Tobe main street mall (October 06) that moved forward
We updated information of citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival! (October 01)
[full thanks] Application of "support message to daddy mom who did her best" finished Nishi Ward child care lecture! (September 13)
Participation group of citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival "open space of living" was decided (August 04)
About June issue correction in the public information side for due west ward and apology (June 14)
News from Minamisengen Nursery center director - May, 2017 (May 31)
The date for Nishi Ward Office food hygiene person in charge class (June 01)
About 2017 Nishi Ward administration policy (May 01)
"Nishi Ward is good! We issued printing block for Heisei, Nishi-ku 29 years judging from data. (April 11)
"Special train" publicizing charm of Yokohama runs through town with spring breeze! (March 15)
Nishi Ward snuggled up, and recruitment of model life support project consignors was finished. (January 30)
About long-term closing plan of 2017 of west district center, west public hall (December 09)
We cleaned course of walking Festival of the tenth Nishi Ward Hama (December 4)! (November 30)
Student of information science technical school waits Nishi-ku and releases walk application more! (November 06)
We revised "Nishi Ward town development policy"! (November 15)
Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about staff of ward office! (November 17)
We hold Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward combination human rights lecture in 2016! (November 09)