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List of the past news

[offer] Nurse Nishi Ward Office Elderly and Disabled Support Division visit temporary worker offer guidance (January 23)
About recruitment of Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment administration business trust groups (November 12)
Lighting equipment LED such as Hiranuma meeting places business consignment ordering information (open call for participants type designated bidding) (January 21)
Komachi forum is held in this! (from February 16 13:00 west public hall) (January 16)
About open call for participants of Nishi Ward area child care support base "smile port" administration corporation (the third) (October 09)
Minamisengen Nursery center a little breath (December 26)
The citizen of the 43rd Nishi Ward Festival latest information ※We finished event (November 02)
[recruitment of participants!] [the Komachi course third] Lecturer is "young standard-bearer of the field of welfare" Yusuke Ohara! (September 27)
Reader of "yokohama walking point" was installed in the first floor of the Nishi Ward Government building Nishitomo Hiroba! (August 31)
2018 Nishi Ward community development college student offer (July 19)
[attention!] Let's be careful about special fraud such as refund fraud (February 26)
Guidance (May 28) of "Nishi Ward crime occurrence information email" (anti-crime program email)
We began Nishi Ward Office Wi-Fi! (May 01)
The date for Nishi Ward Office food hygiene person in charge class (May 07)
We updated page of Minamisengen Nursery center (April 02)
News from Minamisengen Nursery center director - March, 2018 (March 28)
News from Minamisengen Nursery center director - February, 2018 (February 28)