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Ever new list

[thanks sold out] Ticketing of the 34th Yokohama kamonyama ability was finished. (September 22)
[full thanks] Receptionist of "we know my town, Nishi Ward" finished town walk volunteer guide training course. (September 19)
We hold care preventive spread enlightenment business "musical therapy to affect heart" in 2017! (September 12)
nishiku communication! Let's begin "evacuation shelter training" ...! "Storage" and "training" ... (September 08)
[please be careful about suspicious calls of refund fraud!] (September 07)
We hold "drinking and course about mental and physical health"! (September 01)
The public information side publishes due west ward version September, 2017 issue (September 01)
We came to be able to confirm the congestion situation of Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division in real time! (August 28)
Sports lecture holds "the life over OLYMPIC"! (August 16)
[full thanks] Receptionist of "healthy mind and body university professor X rakugo to make with laughter" finished course (August 16)
Minamiasama childcare slightly breath (August 15)
"Yokohama cablevision" concluded agreement with "Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Izumi Ward"! (June 28)
We hold environmental panel exhibition "SOS from lion!"! (June 20)
We updated nishimarochanno activity record! (June 09)
We updated dispatch plan of "nishimarochan"! (June 09)
nishimarochanno page (June 07)
"Neatly at Yokohama Station! Thank you for cooperation to campaign holding (May 31)
nishiku communication! We appeal in 3 "yokohama fair" Hikone-shi, Shiga! (May 02)
About 2017 Nishi Ward administration policy (May 01)
nishiku communication! 2 "yokohama fair" arrival from Yokohama Station! (April 28)
News from Minamisengen Nursery center director - March, 29 (March 23)
"Special train" publicizing charm of Yokohama runs through town with spring breeze! (March 15)
Offer of Nishi Ward Office general counter information desk temporary worker was finished in 2017 (March 09)
Window congestion expectation (Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division, Tax Division) (March 01)
Nishi Ward snuggled up, and recruitment of model life support project consignors was finished. (January 30)
News from Minamisengen Nursery center director - December, 28 (December 26)
Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about staff of ward office! (November 17)
We revised "Nishi Ward town development policy"! (November 15)
We hold Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward combination human rights lecture in 2016! (November 09)
Student of information science technical school waits Nishi-ku and releases walk application more! (November 06)
Thank you for arrival of a lot of citizen of the 41st Nishi Ward Festival! (November 04)
Inaridai Elementary School after school about choice result of kids club administration corporation (October 05)
Under <ticketing!>We hold 18 wards of Yokohama short film & concert Kazune Shimizu piano recital! (September 28)