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Ever new list

Let's participate in book stamp rally in Nishi Ward! (October 19)
We hold walking Festival of the twelfth Nishi Ward Hama! (October 16)
Yokohama-shi nursery schools started distribution of usage guidance in 2019 (October 12)
[full thanks] Receptionist of "we know my town, Nishi Ward" finished town walk volunteer guide training course in 2018. (October 04)
The public information side publishes due west ward version October, 2018 issue! (October 01)
Nishi Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture holds "power with thought as image" (form)! (September 28)
[full thanks] Ticketing of the 35th Yokohama kamonyama ability was finished (September 27)
Communication to establish in this! We begin with disaster drill in autumn of Nishi Ward (September 25)
[we raised and were finished] "Nishi Ward photo contest" work offer! (6/1 - 8/31) (September 01)
*netsuseihoso takes part in intense heat! (August 28)
[finished] "Meeting which hears sound of the 54th Nishi Ward insect" which enjoys the cool of the evening by traditional arts of the sum (August 27)
Information for Nishi Ward Office Instagram (Instagram) (August 21)
Port is set up for cycle of "bay motorcycle" by Nishi Ward Office! (August 03)
Under recruitment of participants of African school! More ... Africa intellect rou ... (July 13)
[under popular distribution!] Petit renewal version "walk town to spread map" (July 03)
We hold patrol display environment panel exhibition "hometown of bears" of Nishi Ward Office, Chuo-toshokan, Nogeyama Zoo! (June 20)
Available We assist replacement by purchase expenses such as hoses for firefighting! (June 08)
About 2018 Nishi Ward administration policy (May 01)
[application for free delivery start for electronic book!] Pamphlet "kotorippu Yokohama Nishi Ward walk" (April 27)
Let's rediscover charm of Nishi Ward in "cherry tree Festa 2018" (from Saturday, March 31 to Sunday, April 8)! (March 23)
Nishi Ward, consumption anti-crime program lecture holds "to save which does not encounter elderly person fraud, malicious business method damage"! (March 02)
About welfare refuge (special evacuation sites) (February 23)
[course] It recruits student attending a lectures of "reading talk volunteer training course for elderly people"! (January 17)
It recruits "story society to be spelled in picture and music for baby" participants! (January 12)
We made disaster prevention guide for small, junior high students! (January 10)
[suspicious calls thought to be refund fraud occur frequently] (November 01)
Minato Mirai Honcho Elementary School after school about choice result of kids club administration corporation (October 31)
East Elementary School after school about choice result of kids club administration corporation (October 31)