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2017 Nishi Ward formation budget summary

 We publish about summary of making of a certain Nishi Ward unit-related ward promotion costs of 2017.

 Making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs are expenses for ward office which is base of imminent civic service to promote the making of unit-related ward that there is depending on local characteristic and needs. We develop various business that accepted characteristic of Nishi Ward so that we collaborate with area, and solution to problem is pushed forward while working on review of business outline and reduction of expense in 2017.

   ※ "Business plan" every individual business can read at kochiranope ji and next.
      ◇Nishi Ward Office the fourth floor General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section
      ◇Citizen's information center
      ◇City Counsil library room
      ◇Civic Affairs Bureau ward communication adjustment section

Way of thinking of compilation of the budget

Anyone is ... to town Nishi Ward which is smiling happiness by ... connection carefully

 "It is smiling happiness, anyone waits for connection carefully, and Nishi Ward pushes forward better town development with basic aim in to Nishi Ward" while cooperation cooperates, and local and ward office plan local activation and problem solution.
Therefore we wrestle in various business that we raise four pillars with 29 fiscal budgets and made use of characteristic of Nishi Ward in mainly on main business.
 ○ The making of local connection              ○ Town development to be able to live in good health lively
 ○ Security, reliable town development             ○ The making of bustle of attractive dispatch, town

System of budget

 Please refer to individual business plan for the details of each business.


Making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs

1 generalization list         (unit: 1,000 yen)   

Item The amount of budget
Self planning operating cost        96,648
Administrative expense       465,775
The total       562,423



2 breakdowns

(1) Self planning operating cost    【Business plan (unit: 1,000 yen) 

Item The amount of budget Main business
The making of connection of 1 area          7,304 Promotion of "town plan of smiling happiness living" (Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning),
Nishi Ward contact welfare promotion business
Town development to be able to spend 2 in good health lively     22,674 Elderly person relief life support business, consultation support reinforcement business for woman and child, health promotion support business
3 security, reliable town development    22,904 Local disaster prevention activity promotion business, food poisoning, infectious disease prophylaxis business, illegally parked bicycle measures business, Nishi Ward Yokohama 3R dream promotion business
The making of bustle of 4 charm dispatch, town    19,999 It is business, Nishi Ward mall activation business in excursion inclination of town which utilized local resources
<< the making of ward office where it is easy to get close to >>   23,767 kajigyo where the window congestion situation is seen, public information enhancement business
The total    96,648  


(2) Administrative expense [business plan]    (unit: 1,000 yen)  

Item The amount of budget Main facilities

1 unification office work costs


Office work costs to affect ward office administration

Two wards of Government buildings


Nishi Ward Office

3 service counters in the city hall  6,815

Yokohama Station service counter in the city hall 

Social movement support center for four wards  20,198

Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment 

5 engineering works offices 8,290 Paradise tree office
6 public hall 34,972 West public hall
7 district centers 88,440 West district center, Fujidana district center
8 log houses 8,234 Sakainotani Park child log house
9 welfare center for the olds 53,172 Noge mountain cottage
10 community houses 72,337 Tobe community houses
11 wards of sports centers 94,000 West sports center

12 open spaces, amusement place

236 Amusement places of Lake Nishihira child

The use of 13 wards of Government buildings, inhabitant of a ward facility repair costs

The total    465,775  


 << reference >> Warming measures plus business

It  is business to carry out with operating cost distributed to for business suggestion of ward that is anticipated when we greatly contribute to warming measures, energy measures by Climate Change Policy Headquarters.

◇Warming measures business 4,700 1,000 yen [business plan] by facilities update of ward Government building

2016 Nishi Ward formation budget summary
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General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section TEL 320-8307 FAX 322-9847

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