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The third skip up course! It is during recruitment of participants!

For community development to assist each other,
Approach of figure and community development which country aims at in series
This course that we tell about

The third lecture "' that it was good that there was 'you
"We move forward together and assist together"
As for ... child and the elderly person as for the person with a disability
 To live like oneself; ...

Holding approached of this with Tuesday, October 16.

To lecturer social welfare corporation "leisurely" of director
Invite Yusuke Ohara, from child to elderly person
Regardless of having obstacle or not all people
We introduce support, approach for supported community development.

Is hint for community development which all are easy to live in found?
We look forward to participation of many people.

★Details Course flyer (pdf:267KB)

1 lecture title, date and time, lecturer

       Title Date Lecturer
1 "Every my ji, circle"
Of "local symbiosis society"
For realization
I can do it from ... today
Monday, July 9
From 10:00 to 12:00
Masaki Harada
(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Local power reinforcement study meeting chairperson)
(assistant President Nihon Fukushi University)
2 "'jumble'
Symbiosis society makes
The future in Japan"
Thursday, September 6
From 14:00 to 16:00
Yoshinari Oya
(social welfare corporation
3 ' that it was good that there was 'you
"We move forward together and are ・
We assist together"
As for ... child as for the elderly person
As for the person with a disability
To live like oneself; ...
Tuesday, October 16
From 14:00 to 16:00
Yusuke Ohara
(social welfare corporation
It is director leisurely

Late years, low birthrate and aging and nuclear family progress of becoming,
By diversification of lifestyle and sense of values,
Cooperation in neighborhood fellows and local connection
We are said to weaken.
Therefore it is decided and arrests oneself not other people's affairs,
Community development to assist each other is demanded.

In this course,
We applied to realization of "local symbiosis society" together with "my ji, circle"
Figure which country aims at about community development
In area regardless of having dementia and obstacle or not,
We introduce place where various people gather and approach to interchange.

In addition, local all of you plan according to district concretely
In serving as a reference to promote
We look forward to participation of many of you.

2 venues

Nishi Ward Office 3AB meeting

3 capacity

80 (we accept as soon as it becomes capacity and should be finished)
※Target person is Nishi Ward residence, working

About 4 applications

[reception desk period] : From Wednesday, June 13 (accept as soon as become capacity, and is finished)
[application method] To the following reference
      "Full name" "address" "contact information"
      "Time when participation is hoped" for
       Apply by telephone, fax, E-mail.

(we use ※ personal information that we had only for this course.)

★Details Course flyer (pdf:267KB)

Nishi Ward Health and Welfare Division business planning staff
Telephone: 320-8437 (from 8:45 to 17:00 of from Monday to Friday)
Fax: 324-3703
E-mail: ni-hukuho@city.yokohama.jp