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Town plan of smiling happiness living (Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning)

What is town plan of smiling happiness living?

"Town plan of smiling happiness living" (in the following Komachi plan),
So that anyone is continued spending lively happily smilingly in town which lived so long,
People are connected and are plan to make town to assist together.

(about community-based welfare health planning)

"Promotion of community-based welfare" and "development of municipalities community-based welfare health planning" were placed in revision of the social welfare method of 2000 definitely.
We decided to make plan every ward to reflect careful life problem about this enough in Yokohama-shi.

<reference> To Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau Health and Welfare Division homepage)

nikomachi topic!

We will tell about news, event about nikomachi plan.

Line of flower

・We hold "Komachi forum in 2016" (2/1)  new.gif

・We hold "nikomachi start-up course"! (8/2)

・We held "town development lecture of we made together, assisting". (6/15)

・Komachi plan started to the third!
 We will make "town Nishi Ward of smiling happiness living" together! (4/1)

We published Komachi plan in the third. (3/31)

Line of flower

Back number is this

About nikomachi plan

To the third Komachi plan (H28 - H32) 

To the second Komachi plan (H22 - H27)

To the first Komachi plan (H17 - H21)


It is image-song of nikomachi plan. Catch phrases of plan are studded with, and get well brightly and become melody that it is easy to get close to.
We have you hear this music in meeting places of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival and Nishi Ward Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations length thanks fair.
As one that we want to sing by one or event that he/she wants to hear offers CD and tape, please contact to charge.
As for the lyrics, please see this.


Nishi Ward Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section
〒220-0051 1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi telephone 320-8437 FAX324-3703
E-mail ni-hukuho@city.yokohama.jp