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Approach of Nishi Ward Office

Administration of Nishi Ward

Nishi Ward administration policy

Making of Nishi Ward unit characteristics ward promotion costs budget summary that there is

Making of Nishi Ward ward business meeting

Nishi Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

Town development

Town plan - Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning ... of smiling happiness living

City planning master plan Nishi Ward plan "Nishi Ward town development policy"

Contact welfare promotion business (contact society)

The making of with a view of face including "reliable card" of relationships

Fireproofing promotion business (former say and rise town improvement business) of town

Approach of tree planting

Local gathering

Taking a lesson from the past of Nishi Ward! Attractive up business (approach of the 70th anniversary of the constituency system)

Nishi Ward town development Committee

Hama bus - Nishi Ward outing support bus ... (the end of March, 19 end)

House consultation (the end of March, 22 end)

Asama community house new establishment (Yokohama-shi synthesis welfare center ruins use study meeting)

Asama area community function study meeting

Kamonyama Park charm up examination

Subsidy to bring up connection of Nishi Ward area, and to strengthen

Town development adviser dispatch

Nishi Ward community development college

Mall promotion

Approach to environment

"Live Eco." is no approach  

Approach of "Yokohama 3R dream!"

Bid, contract information

2019 "Nishi Ward patrol anti-crime program publicity work business consignment" ordering information (open call for participants type designated bidding)

"Business consignment lighting equipment LED such as Hiranuma meeting places" ordering information (open call for participants type designated bidding)

About recruitment of automatic photograph movie camera setting companies to municipal ownership property (the application reception desk end)

General competitive bidding result (Nishi Ward Government building, paradise tree office) about drink vending machine setting to municipal ownership property

Conclusion result (hot water supply device plumbing water leak repair in Minamisengen Nursery center kitchen) of contract to need emergency

Conclusion result (Minamisengen Nursery center kitchen hot water supply pipe repair) of contract to need emergency

Recruitment of Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment administration business consignment groups

Recruitment of Nishi Ward area child care support base administration corporations

As for editing, the design affecting due west ward version, 2018 public information width is business consignment proposal identification result

Ordering, the contract situation by 2 Clause 1 third of Local Government Act enforcement order Article 167