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Do you know Nishi Ward "korobanyo exercises" (fall bone fracture preventive exercises)?

korombayo exercises

★What are "korobanyo exercises?"

It is local exercise of Nishi Ward made in H15 year. Citizen of Nishi Ward is godparent.

 Let alone people living in good health, it is exercise that we want to recommend to activity with limit for physical strength drop and forgetfulness.

 It features point where aerobic exercise (walking) is incorporated in between stretch in a good balance, and wide protective efficacy is expected
We can do it.
 It is prepared for 2 patterns of exercises to stand, and to perform and exercises to perform in seat rank.

 Both standing position and seat rank are composed of campaign for same purpose.

We appeared on health promotion sogokenkyushokokakishochokushi and Kanagawa health foundation Shigeko Takagaki on making and had you supervise.

1.  The locomotive syndrome prevention

2  The metabolic prevention

3.  Element of the dementia prevention is adopted exercise, too.


★It is recommended to such a person!

 ・Group activity who wants to conjugate as program of health promotion

 ・People who want to continue physical training every day at home
 Please inflect!



 We show points to be conscious of to carry out "commentary"
korobanyo exercises definitely.

☆☆Introduction video is this☆☆ 



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