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Railroad two collaboration of Yokohama-shi and Yokohama base
"Special train" publicizing charm of Yokohama runs through town with spring breeze

 Including "the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama is fair" this spring in Yokohama-shi
Various events to attract visited all of you are held.
 In Nishi Ward which doorway, Yokohama Station is located, we send charm of special event and town to all of you widely
To do, and to actually visit Yokohama, and to be able to enjoy heartily; again
We pushed forward preparations to connect the bustle with promotion of town.
 As the part Keikyu Corporation, Sotetsu Holdings, Inc.
We operate advertisement reservations train, and charm of Yokohama is publicized to railroad user by tono collaboration
We carry out campaign to do.
 As for this approach, it is cooperated citizen widely Yokohama-shi by "theme type cowound front desk" system
After raising suggestion, we accepted suggestion from both companies and came true.
Is railway company both companies establish the head office in Nishi Ward or to employ by the end of late years; Yokohama-shi
It is used as the beginning and artery of traffic of metropolitan area that we did by many of you.
 Through this collaboration PR, we create more bustle and we raise vigor of Yokohama and are wide
We will appeal.

Press release document is this