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"Nishi Ward photo contest"

 Under the theme of "charm of Nishi Ward," we raise photographs such as scenery, nature, living, mall of town or bustle of special event, event.

 Application period : From Friday, June 1, 2018 to Friday, August 31

 Theme  : "Charm of Nishi Ward" 

Nishi Ward photo contest offer flyer

Application flyer this (Portable Document Format: 933KB)

In application, please see application essential point of publication in this page or application flyer by all means.


 Regardless of area to live, anyone can apply.

Prize, supplementary prize

Name Score Supplementary prize
 Hideo Mori Prize
 Award for excellence One point  Collection of Hideo Mori photographs and
 For Nishi Ward original book card 5,000 yen
 Winning a prize Three points  Collection of Hideo Mori photographs and
 For Nishi Ward original book card 3,000 yen
 Group prize  Nishi Ward lyceum prize For each one point  Each
 For Nishi Ward original book card 3,000 yen
 Oldness and Nishi Ward prize
 Prize for Nishi Ward mall alliance party
 Director General of Nishi prize
 Inhabitant of a ward Prize (※) One point  For Nishi Ward original book card 3,000 yen
 Winning Several points  For Nishi Ward original book card 1,000 yen and
 Nishi Ward original scarf towel

 ※Inhabitant of a ward Prize is decided by visitors vote of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival (November 4 holding) from selection work.

 About prize, please choose as Nishi Ward lyceum, oldness and Nishi Ward promotion committee, Nishi Ward mall alliance fair, Nishi Ward local welfare officer, children's committee meetings (random order) other than photographer Hideo Mori of Nishi Ward native place that has been continuing taking town of Yokohama for many years.


 Work (data: only as for the JPEG form) which photographed the Nishi Ward in after April, 2017

  • To three points of one.
  • Color or monochrome. Photo collage is impossible.
  • Work (as for the shooting from outside of a ward, possible) which photographed the Nishi Ward.
  • It is recommended more than 3 million pixels.

Application method

 ■In the case of the Internet (electronic application system)

  Application foam is this Application form 

  ※We can apply to 3 works at once (JPEG form).
  ※Data size that we can register because of 1 work is to 10MB. 

 ■In the case of mail or bringing

  You attach image data of work to application paper (you publish on the back of the application flyer) after filling out required items, and please bring by one piece in mail or direct Nishi Ward Office (the fourth-floor 49th window) because of 1 work.
   〒220-0051 1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
   Nishi Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division photo contest charge
   TEL 045-320-8329

  ※We do not return recording mediums such as entry data, CD-R. It must arrive by Friday, August 31, 2018
  ※In the case of bringing to Nishi Ward Office the fourth floor 49th window. Reception hours from 8:45 to 17:00 (except Saturday and Sunday, celebration)


 November, 2018 (plan)

 As for the prize winner, due west ward version January issue introduces the public information side.
 After November, 2018, we hold patrol panel exhibition in the Nishi Ward Office others ward.

 \ notice /
  We are going to release calendar on Nishi Ward homepage in 2019 when we published prize winner!

Attention in application

  • Copyright of entry belongs to photographer.
  • Sponsor (Nishi Ward Office) shall hold right to use entry in public information or various business freely gratis. In addition, on use, we may process resize, trimming into photograph.
  • We use personal information that we acquired in the case of application only in thing about this business. In addition, about entry, we release a part of the personal information such as full names.
  • In the case of photograph which individual can identify, please get consent of the person (subject) by all means so that it is not violated right of likeness.
  • Work announced with other contests or magazines cannot apply.
  • When we violate application essential point of thing that work is against laws and ordinances or this contest, we may be disqualified even if after winning a prize announcement.
  • It should be agreed to all matters about this application essential point with application.
  • We cannot take responsibility such as troubles about infringements of right of likeness and copyright at all.

Press release document

Press release document (Portable Document Format: 1.2MB)