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Communication to establish in this!

... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

Greetings of the New Year

A Happy New Year.
 To all of you, we are pleased with the New Year with thing to pick up in good health. Administrative administration of Nishi Ward gives warm understanding and support to and is very grateful last year.
 We want to perform various approaches with local this year to be able to send Mainichi where each one wins lively from child to elderly person.
 In addition, Rugby World Cup 2019™ is held in Tokyo International Conference on African Development, September in August. At this opportunity when many people gather, we send charm of Nishi Ward widely and want to connect with bustle of town through events.

 Towards "town where anyone can live in happily smilingly" staff of ward office bullet and support not to change as it is, and will wrestle thank you for your cooperation.


 Photograph of Teraoka Director General with panel which we wrote richness (we wrestle in solidarity so that it is year when Nishi Ward shines) of 2019        

January 1, 2019
Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka 


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