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Communication to establish in this!

... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

We held "walking Festival of the twelfth Nishi Ward Hama"!

 On Sunday, December 2, "walking Festival of Nishi Ward Hama" was held.
 Theme of this year "trace surface of a river iza Westernization!" . We start Tobe Koen and, through large Okagawa promenade, Basyamichi, aim at Rinko Park (Seaside Park) of goal.
 "A whole bunch! Course of approximately 10 kilos that seaside course is past large san bridge, Akarengasoko. "Spacious ♪ Riverside course" had approximately 6 kilos and physical strength of participants waited in total, and they enjoy walk. On the day, from small child to various places of senior, there was participation of approximately 964 all of you. Everybody let state left with cheerful smile to blow off cold in each course go by delightfully.

Photograph of Chairperson Nishi Ward sports promotion business promotion committee Nabana    Photograph of signal of Director General start  Photograph of preparations exercises   
 Nishi Ward sports promotion business promotion committee
It is said hello by Chairperson Nabana
  It seems to be day to remain for memory
We start with thought!
 nishimarochammo preparations exercises  

Photograph of Ooka riverside walking    Photograph of one that had you participate with wheelchair    
 Along great Okagawa
We go along many bridges
  While person of wheelchair enjoys scenery, too
We participated

Photograph of people looking for the highlight during walking    Photograph of one that had you participate between friends    
 "The guidance" of goddess image
Were you able to see everybody?
  Between friends peacefully
We had you participate

Cosmo kuntonishimarochanno photograph to meet in goal    Photograph of Yutaka Sugi drum    Photograph of prize publication panel from supporting company 
 Goal denishimarochanto
Cosmo is met
  Heroic Yutaka Sugi drum
It echoes in goal
  From supporting company
It is wakuwaku in lottery of wonderful prize

Photograph (1) of elected child    Photograph (2) of elected child    
 Children elected wonderfully
It is nice smile 

Healthy checked photograph    Photograph of health mate to distribute oshiruko to    
Healthy checker does well very much, too   Oshiruko from health mates,
It is quite popular with warm, easy sweetness

On the day people of sports promotion committee and young people instructor whom we did not entrust roadside with in the cold took guidance and called out. Including all of Nishi Ward sports promotion business promotion committees, all of various groups gave great effort to, and it was grand event. In addition, we had company with connection provide many wonderful prizes in Nishi Ward. Thank you very much.

 Would your pedometer become several steps on that day? Also, mind and body are happy while feeling the history of Yokohama while enjoying scenery of port town if it is together on substantial day.
 Triggered by this event, we have you go to famous place in Nishi Ward by all means and think that you can enjoy rediscovery and health promotion featuring Nishi Ward.

New park opened in Nishi Ward!

 On Monday, December 3, "Isecho mokusei Park completion memory ceremony" was held.
 We utilized Yokohama green tax as some resources and maintained this park as extension of "Isecho mokusei Park" in plot of prefecture staff house ruins.

Photograph of Director General greetings    Photograph of tape cutting    
Of much one
In hope of becoming oasis
  It is finally opened by tape cutting!    

Scenery of Minato Mirai spreads through point of carefree open space of grassland including the Landmark Tower. There is playground equipment that children can play happily. In addition, other than "American olive which is tree of ward," tree and flower that "cherry tree" "Magnolia Kobus" "crape myrtle" "hydrangea" "Japanese maple" varies are planted. In green little Nishi Ward, it is park which can enjoy flower and green throughout the year. We had local representatives memorialized, and they plant a tree in this ceremony.

Photograph of tree planting        
Expression of trees changing seasonally,
He/she pleases coming person

In addition, children of kindergarten of rose participated in ceremony, too. After chorus by cute singing voice, we had you do "the play beginning". All were fun vigorously and played.

Photograph of children showing song    Photograph of children starting running towards playground equipment    
Cheerful singing voice of children
It spreads through park
  In point of playground equipment which children sit at
The Landmark Tower

Photograph of children playing playground equipment    Photograph of nishimarochanto children    
Playground equipment of various forms
We support growth of children
It is the first among play with children

Various trees greatly grow like growth of children whenever we repeat time, and this park prays place that can rest relievedly for it being for inhabitants of a ward while it is green. All of you carry foot by all means, too.

December 18, 2018
Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka 


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