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... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

It is ... for "local gathering" ... problem solution

 In various parts of Japan, large-scale landslide caused by record heavy rain and the flooding of river were generated, and much damage occurred. We give to people suffered from heartily.

 In Nishi Ward, annual "local gathering" is held every year before reaching full-scale summer. "Local gathering" is place of talks of inhabitants aspect each other for solution to local problem. Thing person participates more than 300 people this year in six districts. Staff of ward office participated as place that heard local voice directly, too.

 It is hot thought to "make area living in better more" of all of Nishi Ward that come when we participate in gathering.

The first district     The second district    
 The first district    The second district    

At first it is approach example for what was announced in many areas to build relations with a view of face. As for advanced age and the making of place to stay of child, not only Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations but also malls cooperate and are pushed in particular forward in many areas. In addition, as for approach of participation promotion to Neighborhood Associations, the making of connection through event, festival.
 We yearn for area to live carefully and think thought of all of you who continue being active steadily to be that it reaches the next generation surely.

 The third district    The fourth district    
The third district    The fourth district    

 Furthermore, disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage which we are highly concerned with in many areas. Suggestion based on true experience was accomplished about the preparation at the time of earthquake disaster, and it was held information sharing, and damage assumption of neighborhood had the way of self support, community support when large-scale disaster occurred deepen problem recognition about the flood inundation of river.

 The fifth district    The sixth district    
The fifth district    The sixth district    

 It is sincere and faces problem in all areas and pushes forward various approaches for solution.
 We shared local problem and considered as Nishi Ward Office together and strengthened thought some other time when we wanted to support.

August 4, 2017
Director General of Nishi Ward Hideki Yoshiizumi 


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