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1 million flowers are contest 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair now being held

Long-awaited big event "33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" (the following, yokohama fair) is started on March 25 in Yokohama-shi until June 4.

 This "national urban greening fair" is festival held in whole country each place by spread enlightenment business to push forward citizen-based town planning with comfortable, rich living that green brings every year from 1983 (Showa 58). We do holding in Yokohama for the first time. For 72 days during exhibition period, 1 million flowers and beautiful cityscape attract all of you.

 Walk course of 4.5km that "all and garden" of meeting place lead to Naka Ward, the Yamashita Park area from Nishi Ward, Yokohama Station.
 Please enjoy from Yokohama Station becoming the starting point. Came out of Yokohama Station East Exit between Sogo Yokohama and sky buildings and was decorated at special flower bed; when, "oh, and others are, and Mami crosses walk"; Nissan global head office gallery.

 The left: The Sogo Yokohama right: Sky building    We wait and color hamamirai walk at corner flower bed     Flowers meet
The left: The Sogo Yokohama right: Sky building   hamamirai walk
Town corner flower bed
  Flowers meet

 If we get off Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge and go ahead through the sidewalk of hybrid street light which windmill surrounds, it is "Grand Mall Park" becoming meeting place.

 Hybrid generation of wind power and sunlight    It was season of rose     
Hybrid generation of wind power and sunlight    It was season of rose    
 Grand Mall Park is colorful, too    It is healed by flower and green     
Grand Mall Park is colorful, too    It is healed by flower and green    

 Furthermore, through Yokohama-bijutsukan, the side of Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru, flower and green wait in this course reaching Kisha-Michi Promenade, Akarengasoko, Yamashita Park, Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) and tie person, time like "necklace".

 Yokohama-bijutsukan plays with flower, too    Sail Training  Ship, Nippon Maru which is appointed to important cultural property this summer     Please find favorite flower 
 Yokohama-bijutsukan plays with flower, too    To this summer, important cultural property
Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru which is appointed
   Favorite flower
Please find

 In addition, to this "yokohama fair", we decorate Mt. Kamon (thing stops) park with flower in Nishi Ward. On Saturday, March 18, hanging flower basket was displayed in garden by cooperation of approximately 70 all of you led by park protection society, and flower bed of "garden bear" was completed.
 Three-dimensional flower bed is installed in entrance of Kamonyama Park, too and is recommended in spot of taking a ceremonial photograph.
 With friend and family, would you like to go to visit "all and garden" by all means on the weekend?

Hanging basket of 60     Garden bear of "yokohama fair" symbol character     2 meters in height, 6 meters in width!
 Hanging basket of 60    "yokohama fair" symbol character
Garden bear
  2 meters in height, wall of flower of 6 meters in width!


2 "yokohama fair" arrival by all means from Yokohama Station! ha this

April 28, 2017
Director General of Nishi Ward Hideki Yoshiizumi 

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