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[photoreport] is finally opening Tsuruyabashi Bridge

 On September 29, Tsuruyabashi Bridge was opened entirely.
 Tsuruyabashi Bridge is bridge appearing in waterway for boundary with Kanagawa Ward and Katabira River (katabiragawa) that it is in Yokohama Station West Exit ahead which came.

The third generation, Tsuruyabashi Bridge which was opened newly   Tape cutting in opening memory ceremony      

 The first generation, Tsuruyabashi Bridge was built now as wooden bridge in 1928 (Showa 3) approximately 90 years ago.
 Rebuilding was carried out to the second generation, Tsuruyabashi Bridge as postwar reconstruction business afterwards in 1955.

The second generation, Tsuruyabashi Bridge         

 And approximately 60 years pass. Besides, with deterioration of the bridge body, Tsuruyabashi Bridge became opening for sidewalk width expansion corresponding to 50,000 walker 1st securing of safe flow quantity of waterway for Katabira River for the third generation.

 Tsuruyabashi Bridge which ties person, and ties town, and also joins the history together.
 Please see the sidewalk where all of you are like railing painted in white reflecting the image of crane and brick (brick) tile like Yokohama.

Third generation Tsuruyabashi Bridge which was opened newly   The sidewalk of white railing and brick tile-like reflecting the image of crane      

October 10, 2017
Director General of Nishi Ward Hideki Yoshiizumi 


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