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Communication to establish in this!

... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

It is ... for Nishi Ward which is easy to live than local gathering ...

 We give to people suffered from by heavy rain disaster around West Japan of July heartily.
 We dispatch the staff in Okayama-shi from Nishi Ward and deal with support. We pray for speedy revival.

 In Nishi Ward, place of talks by local everybody, "local gathering" are held for more livable community development every year in each district. From the first district on June 15 to the fifth district on July 13, gathering of each district was carried out, and I participated this year, too. A total of approximately 300 people participated.

State of gathering of first district area        

In the first district, exchange of opinions was performed about report of activities of "the making of place to stay" and "first district in the future". (Friday, June 15 Tobe community house)

State of gathering of second district area        

In the second district, we asked about announcement through various approaches about activity of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations. (Thursday, June 21 Nishi Ward Office)

State of gathering of third district area        

In the third district, active discussion was accomplished about many problems by group work aiming at service of movement support bus "outing 3" (come). (we will have life creation space on Wednesday, July 11)

State of gathering of fourth district area        

In the fourth district, we had to talk about example and precaution of special fraud and vip-off selling from post in charge of Tobe Police Department and city Economic Affairs Bureau, and there was announcement such as experiences from local one. (Saturday, June 16 Ippommatsu Elementary School)

State of gathering of the fifth district area        

In the fifth district, there was explanation about rainwater inundation measures around Yokohama Station. Exchange of opinions such as what you should keep in mind in everyday life for safe living or thing that we kept in mind was carried out. (Friday, July 13 west public hall)

State of gathering of the sixth district area        

In the sixth district, exchange of opinions was accomplished about communication, refuge action or evacuation drill under the theme of the preparation of disaster. (Saturday, July 7 west sports center)

 In all districts, earnest thought of everybody, "it was better, and "how should we solve local problem?" wanted to do area" gave an active exchange of opinions, and it was in place of warm connection. We were stouthearted and felt state that foundation which people who lived in each district assisted well at place of such a gathering was built. We will value voice of everybody to make better Nishi Ward even if we do with ward office.

The fifth district enjoying the cool breeze Festival ... youth volunteer inauguration ceremony was held, too! ...

 On Saturday, July 21, the fifth district enjoying the cool breeze Festival was held.
 Before the opening of a meeting of festival, "youth volunteer inauguration ceremony" was held in west public hall and handed appointment form to participants to volunteer experience-based business.

The fifth district enjoying the cool breeze Festival (youth volunteer inauguration ceremony)        
In the letter of appointment with thanks and ale        

 Youth volunteer experience business is started business led by local people of the fifth district this year. In this year that was the first year, five primary schoolchildren, junior high student six participated. It begins for help of enjoying the cool breeze Festival and is with plan when even event and child care support project held in the fifth district carry out volunteer activity. We presented bibb for activity to volunteer everybody. Primary schoolchild is sky-blue, and junior high student is dark blue bibb. Please support if you see by events.

The fifth district enjoying the cool breeze Festival (Okano Junior High School sum drum)        
 It is the beginning by powerful drumbeat        

In addition, at opening ceremony, all of Okano Junior High School showed sum drum. Powerful performance enlivened festival still more.

 When we lined up a lot, and branch by local everybody played a game in west public hall, district center of venue and ate delicious thing, overflow was prosperous with smile of children very much. For children, it will be to have become the beginning of happy summer vacation.
 Children who are brought up in area at ease while it is watched warmly. And children send young power to area this time. We felt that "local energy" was inherited well by the next generation to be glad.

July 31, 2018
Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka 


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