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Communication to establish in this!

... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

While feeling "spirit" of Nishi Ward; (1) - third district contact spring festival ...

 "The third district contact spring festival" was held under the beautiful blue sky of May sunshine in Inaridai Elementary School on Sunday, May 20.
 This festival begins from 2013 to push forward the making of with a view of face of relationships in area, and it is to the sixth in this year.
 Commencing with performance of children of Inaridai Elementary School marching band, program to depend toward various groups such as so orchid clauses by children of nursery school was developed and had you please me together. There were many refreshment stand and flea market by all of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, all of welfare groups and was opened and was festival full of vigor really.
 In addition, there were approach introductions such as disaster prevention or health promotion, and many participants stopped, and there was state that you looked at seriously. Children enjoyed quoits and lottery in game corner, and venue was full of bright smiles. From child to adult, we felt state that heart of many generations became one and enjoyed.
 In addition, examination service of moving support bus of the third district was carried out this year. Nickname is "outing 3" (come). Welfare institution cooperated, and, in the third district, there were feet such as shopping of of elderly person and design of movement support bus that it was with local one and was shown as examination service for the first time on that day.

 It was day when we felt local "spirit" to well up a lot.

Inaridai Elementary School marching band    Director General greetings    
 We show everyday result
(Inaridai Elementary School marching band)
   In vigor of venue
I who grasp microphone am wakuwaku
Preschooler so orchid clause    Movement support bus "outing 3" (come)    
 We attract venue with powerful so orchid clause
  We leave carrying local needs! 
(moving support bus ") to come outing 3 (") 

While feeling "spirit" of Nishi Ward; (2) - Yokohama Station neatly! Campaign ...

 On Saturday, May 26, is East Exit and West Exit of Yokohama Station, "neatly at Yokohama Station! We held campaign.
 We carried out this activity every year on Saturday before and after May 30 (day of garbage zero) from 2010, and performed cleaning activity or prohibition enlightenment of walking-smoking, activity of the illegally parked bicycle control.
 We had you participate from all of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, environmental business promotion committee, members of health practice promotion to mall, participation that, besides, you saw Twitter of Nishi Ward, everybody, and rushed to of company around the station on that day a lot in spite of Saturday, and the total number 264 were active.
 People of university student volunteer group and the police cooperated with prevention of graffiti enlightenment and realized that area was supported toward the lot again.

 We did not usually keep in mind very much, but there was a lot when we looked around road surface some other time than cigarette butt and garbage thought. It was cloudy on that day, and sunlight got dark, but was weather to sweat when we stepped from East Exit to West Exit while picking up garbage. Meanwhile, we minded place not to attract attention in shrubberies, and everybody was active seriously while sweating, and garbage of approximately 65 kilos gathered.
 As well as this day, various outskirts companies performs activity of clean up as approach on day of garbage zero.
 Consciousness to beautification of town reaches town various places to go that looked at figure that everybody is active "neatly at Yokohama Station", and there is not garbage; pray for waiting.

 Everybody who participated, thank you.

Director General greetings    Cleaning scenery under bridge     
We gathered
Toward the lot with thanks
  In shrubbery carefully    


Cleaning scenery of Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi    Garbage which gathered     
We do not overlook small cigarette butt either!   Is cooperation of everybody, so much
Much garbage gathered

June 4, 2018
Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka 

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