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Communication to establish in this!

... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

We begin with disaster drill in autumn of Nishi Ward

 In Nishi Ward, we carried out disaster drill in each evacuation shelter in September.
 Disaster to bring North Osaka earthquake and heavy rain in West Japan and Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake and heavy damage occurs in each place after this year begins. For disaster not to know when it takes place, it is important to push forward approach of "self support" "community support".
 In disaster drill of each Nishi Ward base, many people participated, and earnest training was carried out. To disaster possessed, and it was day when shared important thing including cooperation in area.

[Sunday, September 2 conduct east Elementary School evacuation shelter training]

Because there was more foreign family register in area, in east Elementary School, we made flyer of training English, Chinese, Korean, easy 英語 and four kinds. It was devised training contents which confirmed language that students of Oimatsu Junior High School met areas at reception desk of refugee acceptance and used, and stood on local characteristic by outstanding performance. In addition, in cooperation with Honcho, Naka-ku Elementary School, we carried out training to inform by radio when each other's school districts area sheltered.

Refugee reception desk    Wireless training in school building    Distribution training of food, supplies
 Junior high student is in charge of the part of receptionist of refugee.
It is plain toward the foreign family register
We made simple receptionist vote.
  Important vehicle at the time of disaster
As for the communication training using radio
  Power of junior high student cheerful in the case of emergency
(distribution training of food, supplies)

Emergency lifesaving class of junior high student    Assembling training of restroom    
Prior training is the case of emergency
It leads to courage
(junior high student lifesaving first aid class)
  For environment creation which can feel relieved at the time of disaster
(assembling training of restroom)


[Sunday, September 9 Okano Junior High School disaster prevention base training]

In Okano Junior High School, training of triage by medical relief corps was carried out. In addition, about correspondence when impaired person actually evacuated, ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division carried out mini-course. It may be evacuated to evacuation shelter person having various circumstances. Wide training helps can act in the case of emergency calmly.

Director General greetings    Triage training by medical relief corps    Lantern lighting confirmation training
Participation of many people
Thank you
  In health resource limited at the time of disaster
It is important how it supports injured
(triage training by medical relief corps)
  Careful work takes the lead
Children carried
(lighting confirmation training of lantern)

Sanitation training in restroom for disaster    Fire-fighting drill    Drainage training 
As for the infectious disease prevention in evacuation shelter
Important point
(sanitation training in restroom for disaster)
  The cause of cooperation of west fire brigade,
We performed fire-fighting drill, drainage training

September 25, 2018
Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka 


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