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... which provides "communication to establish!" from ... Director General of Nishi

Bond of Nishi Ward connected by traditional event

 "The 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" that town of Yokohama was colored with 1 million flowers and green.
 While it was very popular, we finished exhibition period of 72 days, and closing ceremony was held in Osanbashi Hall on Sunday, June 4. By breaking news count, approximately 6 million people more than original assumptions 20% seemed to come to "all and garden" "village forest garden". It was many various places and, in Yokohama Station and neighboring towns which became node of both meeting places, was full very much.
 All of you, volunteer flowers who cooperated with watering and maintenance including decayed flower knob and companies who had you participate in promotion business of Yokohama Station and mall that you did commencing with "Yokohama Station new impression campaign" that Nishi Ward performed in total during yokohama fair period which had you support yokohama fair, thank you very much.

[village forest garden (Asahi Ward)]

Large flower bed of 1 hectare     The whole meeting place was given flavor of flower     Planter which elementary school student of Nishi Ward Miyatani Elementary School made heartily
 Large flower bed of 1 hectare    The whole meeting place was given flavor of flower   Elementary school student of Miyatani Elementary School
Planter which we made heartily

 By the way, it was Saturday, June 3 of the day before yokohama fair closing ceremony, but observed festival of Asama Shinto shrine which was one of the traditional events of Nishi Ward.
 Miniature shrine of two that left Asama Shrine is carried on their shoulder by local all of you, and is led by festival car; "Seiya! We keep being heroic with shout of Seiya. When we came to Yokohama Station Minami West Exit before noon, via north good luck, everybody is sweaty. A lot of passersby gathered for cheerful shout, too, and town of early summer was filled with vigor.

 Lively Yokohama Station Minami West Exit swelled still more    We parade around Tokaido    
Lively Yokohama Station Minami West Exit
We swelled still more
   We parade around Tokaido    

Traditional event that many people participate regardless of any people regardless of age or sex, and local all of you value.
 Through such an event, local connection is succeeded to, and bond deepens more and thinks that still more livable town is formed.

 The Kanto district became setting-in of the rainy season.
 It is yearning season of sunny interval for a while, but please take care of oneself very much.

It is saki kuhamamirai in Nishi Ward Office         
It bloomed in the Nishi Ward Office side gate this year
"Oh, there are Mami and others"


June 12, 2017
Director General of Nishi Ward Hideki Yoshiizumi 


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