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District center

★West district center homepage of designated manager is this place

West district center
1-6-41, Okano, Nishi-ku
★From "Yokohama Station" a 10-minute walk (west public hall and juxtaposition)

West district center photograph   In west district center established together with west public hall, there are facilities such as personal available book corner or playroom of small child other than use of various group facility including large physical education room and meeting room, Japanese-style room, caboose, industrial arts room.
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West district center map

Basic data

Contact information
Telephone 045-314-7734 FAX 045-320-4260
Use time
From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00, Sunday/Holiday from 9:00 to 18:00
Reservation method

◎We can apply from (※ adjustment day) on the same day two months before day in hope of the use. But we wait for 9:30 only for adjustment day and accept application. When applications occur at the same time, we have you adjust in group phase each other or become lottery. We can apply sequentially afterwards if there is space.
※Example: In the case of July 3 use hope, May 3 is adjustment day.

◎When we propose by the day before from 13:00 on adjustment day on that day, we have tentative reservation on the telephone. In this case I would like application within seven days from the next day made a reservation provisionally.

→For details, please confirm in facility (045-314-7734).

Facility check, closed days
◎Second Monday, facility check (in the case of holiday the next day) year-end and New Year closing (from December 28 to January 4)
It is this about long-term closing plan of 2017 
Use of 1 time (three hours)
Physical education room  

 Collective use 1,920 yen
 Division 2/3 side 1,260 yen
 Division one side 960 yen
 Division 1/3 side 660 yen

As a general rule, it is use of 1 group 1 time that it is available.

If there is space when it was past 9:30 on adjustment day, we enable the consecutive use until use of 2 time.

On the day we can take advantage of time to take advantage of by unit for one hour when front and back are vacant.

Industrial arts room
24 people
 840 yen
Small meeting room
20 people
 570 yen
24 people
 It is use of 1 zone 500 yen in two hours
 It is available to 3 tops consecutively
Japanese-style room
35 people
(the collective use)
 1,260 yen
20 people
(division use 1)
 690 yen
15 people
(division use 2)
 570 yen
Tea-ceremony room
Ten people
 420 yen
West public hall hall photograph
Physical education room
West public hall 1 meeting room
Japanese-style room (35 capacity)
West public hall 2 meeting room
Tea-ceremony room (ten capacity)
West public hall lobby
Industrial arts room (24 capacity)
West public hall 2 meeting room
Caboose (24 capacity)
West public hall lobby
Small meeting room (20 capacity)
West public hall 2 meeting room
West public hall lobby
Book corner

★West district center homepage of designated manager is this place

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We are sent back to the use of inhabitant of a ward facility top


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