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Information for Government building

Nishi Ward Office

1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku
Telephone: 045-320-8484 (main)

The first floor The second floor The third floor The fourth floor

Paradise tree office  Parking lot The night, holiday reception counter

☆It is sold city Bakery noisily: Month, water (in principle) / accessory sale: 4 second Wednesday
Time: From the midday to 1:00 p.m. (finished as soon as it is sold out)

The first floor



Floor Window Person in charge name Duties
The first floor 1 Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section Various consultation, opinion, request, petition about municipal administration, offer, system of public offering of information of municipal administration information, life memorial tree
3 Family Registry Division Registration Section Attendance at school, transference studies of elementary and junior high school
We change report of with transference, Seal Registration, my number card, electronic certificate (public personal identification), house indication of
4 Family Registry Division proof issuance window All the family register, personal matter certificate (*, abridgment), copying of tag of family register, copying of resident certificate, certification of a seal impression, pension present situation proof, house indication change proof, non-residence proof
5 Family register window service corner  
6 Family Registry Division Family Registry Section Family register notices such as the marriage, birth, identification card, fire burial permission, partial copy of nullified family register, abridgment
7 Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section Tax Receipt Section payment responsible Decision, specific medical checkup (National Health Insurance member) of participation, the loss, premium of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
8 Payment of National Health Insurance charges, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, medical system for elder senior citizens premium, payment consultation
9 In the single-parent homes, it is the medical expenses furtherance, elderly aged 75 or over medical care payment, severe person with a disability, children with National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
10 Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan Section Participation, address change of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), premium exemption, student payment exception
11 Person in charge of life support section office work Social security office work (supply), bereaved protection such as the war dead, social security designation medical institution designation application
Life support section life support person in charge Social security, support of the life poor, homeless independence support
12 Jobs pot  
13 Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment  

The second floor


Floor Window Person in charge name Duties
The second floor
21  Elderly and Disabled Support Division (Elderly and Disabled Support Section) With respect for the old special identification of ride, Hama support (representation application) to card, golden age club, designated incurable disease , certification for long-term care, home care support company
22  Elderly and Disabled Support Division (old charge, obstacle charge) Independence support medical care, mental health welfare consultation, incurable disease patient support, mental patient health welfare notebook, welfare special ticket grant
23  General consultation counter of welfare health General consultation of welfare health, various application receptionists (including The Long-term Care Insurance, certificate of the physically disabled, notebook (nursing notebook), nursery school entrance of love, the mother and the child, the widow welfare, Child Raising Allowance)
24  Children and Families Support Division (Children and Families Support Section) Mother and child health handbook grant, Child Allowance, nurture medical care, woman welfare consultation, child care consultation, infants medical examination
After school elementary school student healthy upbringing business (kids club, Schoolchildren's Day Care)
25  Children and Families Support Division (childcare charge) Nursery school entrance, nursery school administration instruction
26 Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section Vaccinations, cancer screening, nutrition improvement, non-smoking measures, dentistry health, health promotion business, lifestyle-related diseases prevention
27 Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section, business planning staff
Local welfare officer, children's committee, community care plaza, welfare health practice base, promotion of town plan of smiling happiness living
28 Living and Health Department, Food Sanitation Section Authorization of food business, food hygiene consultation, report, permission such as clinics , drugstore, license application (healthcare worker, cook)
Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section Authorization of environmental hygiene business, cistern Channel, hygiene such as buildings, hygiene consultation of house, registration of dog, breeding consultation of dog/cat, mouse, hygiene pest prevention consultation to receive

The third floor

The third floor
    Nutrition, the mother and the child, dentistry, healthy counselor's office, examination inspection room, laboratory, X-rays room

The fourth floor


Floor Window Person in charge name Duties
The fourth floor
41 Ward's Treasurer's Office Accounting Section  
42 Bank of Yokohama "Koban" (police box) Payment of city public money
43 Tax Division Land Section Evaluation of state assets (land) and taxation
Tax Division house charge Evaluation of state assets (house) and taxation
44 Tax Division City Tax Section Report reception desk, taxation, investigation into personal city prefectural tax
45 Tax proof issuance window Person in charge of customs certificate, house certificate (existing home) for house, registration, junk car of moped bicycle, reading, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) of public sectional map
46 Tax Division Tax Receipt Section Tax payment consultation, reissue of payment notice, payment of city tax
47 Regional Promotion Division exploitation of resources charge Weight loss, recycling of garbage, preventive measures against illegal dumping, discarded things exchange information corner
Regional Promotion Division local action charge Communication adjustment with Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, member of consumer life promotion office work, illegally parked bicycle measures, inhabitant of a ward Festival
48 Regional Promotion Division lifelong learning, culture, sports charge Lifelong learning, local culture promotion, young upbringing, sports promotion, anti-crime program, Traffic Safety Campaign, illegally parked bicycle measures
Use of Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward facility charge Management, administration of use of inhabitant of a ward facility
49 Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section, Public Relations Section, Planning and Adjustment Section Planning and coordination of main pivot business in ward, administration of a ward administration policy, local town development, making of rule consultation corner of town, collaboration promotion of ward, collection of area information
50 General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section Various statistics investigations, election
51 General Affairs Division General Affairs Section The temporary number, volunteer insurance, name of a street lot number change proof, anti-disaster measures
General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section Budget, financial statements of ward office, Government building management, thing left behind

Paradise tree office


Person in charge of Administration Section, Road Section, sewage park  

The location

12-6, Hamamatsucho, Nishi-ku

Telephone, FAX

045-242-1313, 045-241-7582

Parking lot

  Only parking bay one for wheelchair user and slight number can park in parking lot of Nishi Ward Office for eight in site. I would like cooperation to have you have the next agency by car as much as possible.

※ In addition, from point of view that promoted the appropriate use of equitableness and parking lot with person who Nishi Ward Office parking lot used public transport, and ground agency, there was a charge from April 1, 2015.
 I would like understanding, cooperation to utilize parking lot effectively, and to make it easy to use more.
 In addition, the next agency becomes free by procedure or consultation for a certain period of time when they do.
 With <use time parking rate>                         

From 8:00 to 22:00 30 minutes /200 Japanese yen
22:00 ... 8:00, the following day 60 minutes /100 Japanese yen

  Rate 1,200 yen (rate is usually added after 24:00) on the day on Saturday maximum only on rest Sundays and holidays

 <person becoming free for a certain period of time> (example)

It is free from entrance for 60 minutes ・Person who did the next agency for procedure, consultation
Free of charge during use time ・Check ups for Infants and Toddlers or person vaccinated in a group and the protector
・Person (limited to client from ward.) who attends at meeting that ward hosts
・Impaired person and person (please show notebook (nursing notebook), mental patient health welfare notebook of certificate of the physically disabled, love at window.) who did the next agency for procedure, consultation in the caregivers
・Person who did the next agency for procedure, consultation by low-emissions vehicle (electric car, plug in hybrid car, fuel cell-powered car, natural gas car are target windows, and the presentation of vehicle inspection certificate is necessary.)
  When it does not process parking lot at window, rate incurs.
  When there is window congestion, we are charged a fee when it is over free time.

※ You can confirm the current congestion situation from "parking lot information" of Times 24 (external link).

The night, holiday reception counter (in the other side of the ward office front entrance)

 We accept report of birth, the death, the marriage in "night reception counter". We check in Family Registry Division, and case and confirmation of contents to include lack of documents will inform submitted report book when needed later. Without serious defects, day when we submitted is acceptance day.