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Outline of business of each section

General Affairs Division General Affairs Section, Risk Management Subdivision
Budget Adjustment Section
Statistics and Elections Section
Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
Planning and Adjustment Section, Public Relations Section, Planning and Adjustment Section
Regional Promotion Division Local action charge
Resources Reuse Promotion
Lifelong learning, culture, sports charge
Use of inhabitant of a ward facility charge
Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment "Nishitomo Hiroba"
Group, facility
This is learned
PLANET Kanagawa
Yokohama-shi social movement center
Hama sports
Municipal Central Library
Association of Yokohama-shi physical education
Asama community house
Tobe community house
Nisimae Elementary School community house
Inaridai small community house
East small community house
Karuizawa community house
In this Komachi community library (July 24, 2016 closing)
Association of Yokohama-shi road safety
The Kanagawa Police
Association of Yokohama-shi Neighborhood Associations society
Civic Affairs Bureau promotion of civic cooperation part
Yokohama-shi mall total alliance society
West public hall
Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau west office
West district center
Fujidana district center
Hiranuma meeting place
West sports center
Sakainotani Park child log house
Family Registry Division Family Registry Section
Registration Section
Group, facility
Service counter in the city hall
Tax Division City Tax Section
Land Section
House charge
Tax Receipt Section
Group, facility
Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau
Corporation society in Yokohama
The National Tax Agency
Taxation office in Yokohama
Yokohama prefectural tax office
Ward's Treasurer's Office Accounting Section
Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section, business planning staff
Health Promotion Section
Group, facility
Community care plaza
Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi welfare health practice base
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Elderly and Disabled Support Section (advanced age, care office work)
Old charge (elderly person support)
Obstacle charge
General consultation counter General consultation counter of welfare health
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section
Childcare charge
School cooperation, child charge
Group, facility
Minamisengen Nursery center
Life support section Person in charge of office work
Life support person in charge
Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan Section
National Health Insurance Section
Group, facility
Pension mechanism in Japan
Pension office in Yokohama
Health Sanitation Division Food Sanitation Section
Environmental Sanitation Section
Group, facility
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Paradise tree office Group, facility
Kawasaki, Yokohama river improvement office
Yokohama national highway office
  Bank of Yokohama "Koban" (police box)
Kids space
Nishi fire department
Nogeyama Zoo
Water Works Bureau Nakamura Channel office (former west, Hodogaya area Service Center)