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Opinion, suggestion to municipal administration, the administration of a ward

Suggestion from citizen

Please send opinion, suggestion to Yokohama municipal administration. We send contribution that you sent to to department in charge of from ward office of ward to live and reflect in municipal administration.

⇒Opinion, suggestion contribution foam is this

It is suggestion box in anything

We install exclusive suggestion box in each ward office floor others, use of inhabitant of a ward facility and look forward to opinion, suggestion of citizens of Nishi Ward. It is this about setting place
※Receptionist of opinion on the Internet and suggestion switches from April 1, 2016 to contribution form of "suggestion from citizen". About correspondence to contribution that you sent to, there is no change.

Suggestion that was sent so far

As a general rule, among opinion, suggestion from everybody, we announce the point of suggestion and answer for it about thing which we replied by document or E-mail. On publication, we do the following handling.
 1.We do not announce the name of one that we posted.
 2.We summarize contents of suggestion, opinion after consideration for personal information and announce.
 3.We consider personal information about answer sentence.
In addition, we do not announce when individual might be distinguished by the point of contribution, answer contents.

Protection (privacy policy) of personal information

Across range of use purpose, we use personal information in the inside of city and, as a general rule, do not perform what we contribute outside the city. About protection (privacy policy) of personal information, please see from this.