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suuingiCharacter whom suuingi does not come to

In 2007, it was chosen as mascot character in commemoration of the Naka Ward constituency system 80th anniversary by middle inhabitant of a ward. Both birth and the breeding are large san bridges. Therefore it is considerably international gull.
It is jazz player, and there is even entertainer with full of service mind. We like event and fly to pretty good group of street corner. Character to have possibilities to take off, but not to be able to really hate.
Because you may let tone of sax sound in the roof of University bridge of dusk, please come to look for if we feel like it.






We publish states of event that suuingi appeared on.


We appeared on drama of Nippon Television "love world's hardest to please"! (H28/6/8)


We want to use character logo for brochures

Please apply than the next use application form. For more details, look at the following sites.
http://www.swingy.jp/licence.html (we link to outside site)



We want suuingi to come

 We loan out costume of suuingi for event to heap up Yokohama, Naka Ward regardless of the community, profit in company, group, resident of Naka Ward, Yokohama-shi, people of attending school. Please refer to the following contact information for one where rental is hoped for.

Contact information : Ward Administration Promotion Division Win Guy charge (tel:045-224-8123)

Application including arrival at suuingi is this




About event appearance information

Eventsuuingi liking event participates in various events of Naka Ward. About appearance information, we send on administration of a ward information Twitter (@na_yokohama). Come to meet by all means!