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[effect, attention of walking] It is page of this


○What kind of effect is there?


Effect to assume   obese prevention and improvement, prevention of aging, cancellation and bone of constipation soundly is provided by walking being aerobic exercise, and walking. In addition, it leads to the prevention, improvement of stiff shoulder and low back pain because the blood circulation improves. It is effective for stress-relieving and change.


○Attention when we walk


  <> before walking

  ・Let's do physical condition check  

  ・We prepare, and let's do gymnastics


  When walk <;>

  ・Let's walk at earlier pace  

  ・Let's drink water diligently  

  ・Let's cancel walking if we feel accident in physical condition even a little


  After having walked <>   

  ・Let's work on rearranging to untie muscle which we used


○Right how to walk


  1. Glance to front  

  2. We bend elbow lightly, and let's wave arm

  3. We stretch out the back and tighten stomach, and let's keep position of waist high

  4. We stretch out knee and turn tiptoe forward, and let's make a landing from heel.


  Effect, instructions (we can download document from link) of walking