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○Walking is the first step to health


  In everyday life "must exercise"; think that to comes to that it seems a lot. However, there are unexpectedly few people incorporating appropriate exercise before life. That legs are hurt to begin intense exercise suddenly comes when said that exercise is necessary.


  Therefore we made for security and effective "town naka exercise tekuteku walk guidebook" which could exercise without unreasonableness in answer to voice to "want to wrestle for exercise in familiar place in busy every day" in Naka Ward.


Image for public information
In application "ALKOO of NAVITIME," we can read walking course of tekuteku walk guidebook.


○What is tekuteku walk guidebook?


  As well as introduction of walking route, it is one which charm and a lot of healthy information entered of the Naka Ward.


  We introduce course appearing in guide! (we move to download page)

  What is effect of walking? (we move to page of walking)


○Where can I have?


We distribute in   Naka Ward Office Health and Welfare Division (the fourth floor of the annex 402nd window).


○Lot affected production!


  As well as Naka Ward Office, we made with following people.
  Thank you for your cooperation!


   As for the member of Naka Ward health practice promotion meeting, Naka Ward eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion society

   Association of association of Yokohama-shi physical education, Yokohama city guide

   Naka Ward community care plaza