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Pictorial map title 


It is dotted with monuments to wait, and to introduce the history of "the beginning of the things" and the Yokohama opening of a port into Naka Ward of the opening of a port. You download pictorial map and make a tour of monuments, and do you not take a walk?  
In addition, please inflect as the teaching materials of history learning and social studies visit.

Pictorial map advantageous as for the monument

At size that is convenient for carrying around,
It is good to town walk

Distribution place

Naka Ward Office : Ward Administration Promotion Division (the sixth floor 63rd) general information (the first floor)


Pictorial map data downloading

Map side

Map side (PDFpdf: 7MB): We publish map and course


Commentary side
Commentary side (PDF3MBpdf): We publish introduction and photograph of monument



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