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Culture, tourist facility of Naka Ward

Town, Naka Ward of the opening of a port have various culture, tourist facilities. We introduce recommended place that can touch culture while enjoying including facility which can view facility and landmark architecture, port to introduce the history from the opening of a port, and to display. We are introducing now led by related facility of city.
For more details, you check each official page, and please actually go out.

 Naka Ward culture, tourist facility general view

 Kannai, area out of Seki   Yamate area   Honmoku area

■Kannai, area out of Seki is this place   ■Yamate area is this place     ■Honmoku area is this place 


In addition, you utilize "pictorial map that monument removes the history" to introduce monument and historic spot in Naka Ward to by all means, and please enjoy.