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Sightseeing information

Culture, tourist facility of Naka Ward

We divide culture, tourist facility in Naka Ward into three areas and introduce.


Pictorial map advantageous as for the monument

We introduce monument and historic spot in place of opening of a port "Yokohama, Naka Ward".

  Pictorial map advantageous as for the monument 


tekuteku walk guidebook

We introduce facility which can work on walking route and exercise in Naka Ward.


Promenade of naka kurekishi

Member of research of Yokohama Archives of History and Museum of Yokohama Urban History plays a key role and is column publishing serially in public information yokohamanaka kuban.

Promenade of the history


Beginning sight-seeing of Yokohama thing

It is column published in public information by writing cooperation of Yokohama Archives of History.


History chartIt is history chart of Naka Ward.


The flowering situation (past update) such as seasonal flowers

Yokohama Park tulip communication (April, 2012 ...)  

The flowering situation (end of March, 2012 ...) of cherry tree 

Nihon Odori Avenue ginkgo communication (November, 2012 ...)


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