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About community care meeting (ward level)

About community care meeting

[with community care meeting]

  It is information exchange with related organizations for local inclusion care systems construction of Naka Ward and meeting exchanging opinions.

[held guidance]
 If the details of meeting are decided, we announce in our page.

[the held results]
 ・Naka Ward community care meeting life support sectional meeting first meeting
  (Thursday, November 17, 2016 opening of a port commemorative hall)
  About theme "dementia prevention and approach to spread inhabitants understanding for dementia"
   Meeting materials, the minutes

 ・Average various level community care meeting
  (Thursday, February 23, 2017 Naka Ward Office the seventh floor meeting room)
  Agenda 1 about the system of Naka Ward community care meeting.
     2.About life support sectional meeting
     3.About local resources creation sectional meeting
     4.About home medical care promotion sectional meeting
   Meeting materials, the minutes

Department in charge: Elderly and Disabled Support Division
Place of window: Elderly person support charge (the 51st)
Phone number 045-224-8167
FAX number: 045-224-8159

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