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ArrowAbout Yokohama green tax (page of yokohama city tax)




Proof of tax

 ArrowDownloading of style

   ・Application style

   ・Proxy (sample)

 ArrowTaxation (tax exemption) certificate of municipal tax, prefectural tax

 ArrowProof about taxation of property tax

 ArrowTax payment certificate

 ArrowApplication by mail


Municipal tax

 ArrowReport of personal municipal tax, prefectural tax

 ArrowThe amount of a tax estimate, report making (page of yokohama city tax)

 ArrowMunicipal tax (page of yokohama city tax) of corporation


Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)

 ArrowTax rate, report (page of yokohama city tax) of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)

 ArrowMotor bike (125cc or less), report of small-sized special motor vehicle


Property tax

 ArrowProperty tax, urban planning tax (page of yokohama city tax)

 ArrowProperty tax (page of yokohama city tax) about land, house

 ArrowProperty tax (page of yokohama city tax) about depreciable assets



 ArrowPayment (payment method, fund transfer, nonpayment) of city tax

 ArrowDelivery date calendar (page of yokohama city tax)



 ArrowElectronic report (page of yokohama city tax)

 ArrowTaxation system revision (page of yokohama city tax)

 ArrowYokohama supporters donation - oldness and the tax payment (page of Yokohama-shi Finance Bureau)



 ArrowNaka Ward Office Tax Division

   ・City Tax Section: The fourth-floor 43rd window telephone 045-224-8191

   ・Land Section :The fourth-floor 45th window telephone 045-224-8201

   ・House charge :The fourth-floor 44th window telephone 045-224-8204

   ・Tax Receipt Section :The fourth-floor 42nd window telephone 045-224-8230

   ・Tax proof window: To each charge as for the fourth-floor 46th window telephone mentioned above

 ArrowYokohama-shi Finance Bureau

   ・Special collection center: Telephone 045-671-4471

   ・Establishment tax charge  :Telephone 045-671-4491

   ・Charge such as corporation municipal tax: Telephone 045-671-4481

   ・Depreciable assets center: Telephone 045-671-4384

   ・Tax payment control center: Telephone 045-671-3751


   ・Page of the National Tax Agency
     Taxation office (telephone 045-651-1321) in Yokohama

   ・Prefectural tax homepage (prefectural tax convenience book) of Kanagawa
     Yokohama prefectural tax office (telephone 045-651-1471)

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