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Promotion of mall

We made video which we introduced profile of mall in Naka Ward to!
"Promenade of yokohama Naka Ward mall"

* Ise Saki area edition

* Kannai, harborside area edition

The person series to fit in! Real RPG
"Drama quest, Yokohama passage"

Story - of detective corps of ENGEKI QUEST - port and 11
Supervision: The Takayuki Fukada narration: Nagoya lily

"Drama quest, Yokohama passage"
General direction, editing: Fujiwara power
Specifications: A5 booklet / Japan and Britain writing together / thickness 10mm/ approximately 180 pages

* What is drama quest, Yokohama passage?

Role playing game that walks town to clue in choice written down in "book of adventure" as for the drama quest freely.
We appear at the end of 18th century, and passage (passage) is mall that prospered around Paris. 11 stories around mall and deep Yokohama are recorded in this work.

* Application "Naka Ward mall quest" for exclusive use of smartphone

Start point of each story and exclusive application with photograph joint ownership function.
Is hint of new adventure hidden?

Downloading is this
App Store Google Play

Application Terms of Use

* Drama quest, Yokohama passage is available here!

 Naka Ward Office
 Naka Library
 Yokohama-shi citizen information center
 Elephant's trunk terrace
 Tourist information center (Sakuragicho Station, Yokohama Station, Shin-Yokohama Station)
 Sightseeing in Yokohama convention bureau et al.


We issued Naka Ward mall map!

Naka Ward mall map

We distribute and distribute to people moved into in Naka Ward at Regional Promotion Division window to be able to go to visit mall to more customers.


Naka Ward mall area map


List of malls of Naka Ward

Name Homepage
Isezaki mall 1, 2St.
(Ise Saki 1.2 chome district mall promotion association)
Cooperative Isezakicho mall http://www.isezakicho.or.jp/home.html
7, Isezakicho quotient honor society None
Hamakko Dori mall None
Wakaba-cho quotient honor society None
Authority of Yokohama Yoshida-cho street of well-known stores society http://www.yoshidamachi.org/
Sueyoshi main street dealer honor society None
First yellow day Store Association http://hatsukouhinode.web.fc2.com/
Chojamachi 7.8.9 order eyes dealer honor society http://chojamachi789.org/aboutus.html
Certe Shopping Center Store Association (CERTE) http://www.certe.gr.jp/
Kannai station square Store Association None
Marinard Underground Shopping Mall
(Yokohamachuo underground shopping center Store Association)
Kannai Sakura Dori Avenue promotion society None
Basyamichi Avenue cooperative http://www.bashamichi.or.jp/
It is bystreet back Basyamichi good evening None
Bay Stars Dori promotion society None
1, Yamamoto-cho truth firm None
2, Yamamoto-cho quotient honor society https://e-yama2-mall.com/
Yamate station square quotient sum society None
Yamatocho dealer honor society None
Mugitacho development society http://www.mugita.yokohama/
Hongo-cho quotient honor society http://hongocho.honmoku-street.com/
Honmoku ribbon fan street Store Association http://www.honmoku-street.com/
1, Honmoku Tosho friend society None
Association of Honmoku Dori commerce activation


hommakisan*entsu ri dealer honor society None
Cooperative Malin apartment house shopping center None
Cooperative Motomachi SS society http://www.motomachi.or.jp/
(shin) Motomachi craftsman Ship Street http://www.motomachi-cs.com/
Ishikawa mall cooperative http://www.i-canalstreet.jp/
Hajime Ishikawa dealer honor society None
Hiragana letter mall None
Hiragana letter mall West Avenue https://www.facebook.com/hiraganaWESTAVENUE/
Yokohama base tenant society http://www.sanbo-center.co.jp/tenant.html
Yokohama-Chinatown Kanteibyo Dori society
Ichiba Dori society
Chinatown development society
Yokohama World Porters https://www.yim.co.jp/
Yokohama Port terminal shop society https://osanbashi.jp/
Noge mall Noge Hon Dori mall

Miyagawacho quotient honor society cooperative
Hinodecho station square Store Association
Sakuragicho Pio City Shopping Center Store Association
Noge restaurant business cooperative
Noge district promotion business cooperative association (Noge pass)


As of December 14, 2017


External link

Page of Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau commerce promotion section mall promotion

Page of Yokohama-shi mall total alliance society

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