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About Naka Ward outing spot map

"We want to know place that can spend time without hesitation with child!" We received voice of, child care various places called "there being place where baby of the bed period could play in peace", and child care support facility (outing spot) information in ward made map that it was revealed at first sight in March, 2017. We did questionnaire, and 2018 version added advice in case of facility information and outing of neighborhood ward to senior moms who used outing spot.
 Can enjoy "the first outing" that is in same everybody as child!

   Publication contents 

  On use contents, the date and time, it is easy to understand object, the use charges in map and photograph and, about open spaces that can spend time with child in peace, introduces.

   Distribution method
・ To home where baby was born, "member of hello baby visit" of area sends to home.
・ We arrange in facility in imminent area.
  ★ Naka Ward area child care support base "nombirinko"
  ★ Open space "Sherlock BABy Honmoku" of gathering of parent and children   
  ★ District center in Naka Ward, community care plaza, community house
  ★ Naka Ward Office Children and Families Support Division (the fifth floor)

※Downloading is possible in Portable Document Format if you can click the following image.

         (information side)               (map side)


   Open data (at April 1, 2018)

  Naka Ward outing spot map opening data (csv form)
Naka Ward outing spot map opening data (xlsx form)
 ※These data are released by creative Commons license (CC-BY).

Department in charge: Children and Families Support Division
Place of window: The fifth floor of the ward office 54th
Phone number 045-224-8198
FAX number: 045-224-8159

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