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List of window guidance procedures

We can link to list according to category from the left menu.

Large category nameSmall categoryExplanation
 Family register, resident certificate

Report, registration

Proof, resident registry others

We move (transference, transference) and place birth, the death, information about electronic application.

Proof of tax

Municipal tax

Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)

Property tax



 We place information about payment of various taxes.
 Insurance, pension

National Health Insurance

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)

Medical system for elder senior citizens

The Long-term Care Insurance

We place information such as National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin).
 Health, the welfare

Medical care, drugstore, medicine

Inspection, Vaccinations

The Long-term Care Insurance service

Service out of the The Long-term Care Insurance

Welfare healthcare facility, group


Business, service for other elderly people

Community care meeting

Welfare health synthesis consultation counter

Exercise, health promotion

We place information of The Long-term Care Insurance and elderly person service, inspection and Vaccinations.
 When life is troubling

Person, social security which has a problem in life

We place support of person whom life is troubling, information about social security.
 Child care

Child care (pregnancy ... preschool child)

Child care (primary schoolchild ...)

We place information about child care and school.
 Living and disaster prevention


Beautification of garbage, town

Global warming measure

Culture, sports

Water supply




Anti-crime program

Disaster prevention




We place information and culture information necessary for living.
 Engineering works, park

The use of park

Management, the jurisdiction of park

Park protection society

The sewer


Road and others

We place information about road and park.
 Consultation, classroom

General consultation


Child care

We place information of various consultation counters. 
Hygiene of living

Building, water tank management

Food hygiene

Permission, license application such as environmental hygiene business

We place information about various reports.
 Offer, open call for participants

Part-time job, temporary worker adoption

Open calls for participants such as administration corporations

Bid, contract information

We place offer and bid open call for participants information of temporary worker.


Guide according to life stage is this

List of business of each section is this

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