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Revision of city planning master plan, Naka Ward plan "Naka Ward town development policy"

We hold "discussion meeting according to area"!

Toward future town development 20 years later, we almost hold "discussion meeting according to area" exchanging opinions to share problem with charm of each area in ward.
In ward office and one without the point of contact, please usually send charm and problem of area at this opportunity.

Naka Ward plan to revise refers to and announces opinion that we had as opinion that is "future intention" for the constituency system 100th anniversary through homepages of Naka Ward Office in ten years later and shares with inhabitants of a ward.

[area division and held schedule]


※Top stand meeting place 2-50, Hongocho, Naka-ku

Prior application is unnecessary. Please participate freely.

"Town of Naka Ward 100 years dream" opinion offer (we appreciate your applying in many opinions!)

Naka Ward developed while watching the history of the opening of a port of Yokohama of Japan.
There are plans such as revitalization of holding and Yamashita-Futo of some competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, new city hall construction and begins to advance towards the 100th anniversary ten years later now without stopping step at this moment when we invited the 90th anniversary.
Therefore please tell "town of Naka Ward 100 years dream" that all of you including "such should wait at the time of 100th anniversary" imagine.
From one that had you fill out required items, 23 people win present by lot.

 (1) Royal wing embarkation ticket, lunch buffet pair ticket [three sets]
 (2) Book card (for 1,000 yen) [ten]
 (3) Delicious Sayama tea (100 g) of Hanno (※) [ten]
 ※We had you provide from Hanno-shi of Naka Ward, friendship interchange city.

[application method]
 (1) The Internet in the case of the use (PC smartphone, other cell-phones)
   Please apply with the following linked contribution form.
   ≪From PC≫
   ≪From smartphone≫
   ≪From cell-phone≫

 (2) When we have or you bring mail, FAX directly
   You send required items after entry to the following contact information, or please bring directly.

   [required items]
    (a) The name, the generation
    (i) Zip code
    (u) Address
    (e) Relations (please choose from "residence, working, attendance at school, others".) with Naka Ward
    (o) Prize desired
    (xiv) Figure (in less than 400 characters, please fill out concretely.) of town of dream
   ※About application paper, style does not matter.
   <reference> Application paper (example) <Word form /PDF form>

   [contact information]
    (post in charge) Naka Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
    (address) 〒 231-0021 35, Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the sixth floor 63rd window
    (telephone) 045-224-8128 (FAX) 045-224-8214

[application period]
 From Wednesday, January 4, 2017 to Friday, March 31, 2017 [mail: postmark effectively]


(※ 1) "The name" uses only for present shipment about "zip code" and "address".
(※ 2) We exchange announcement of elected candidate of present with shipment of product.
(※ 3) We do not make a reply to individual opinion.
(※ 4) Even if, except personal information, we are released on homepages and turn opinion that we had to revision of city planning master plan, Naka Ward plan
    We refer to.

We start revision of city planning master plan, Naka Ward plan "Naka Ward town development policy".

 City planning master plan, Naka Ward plan "Naka Ward town development policy" (following "Naka Ward plan") was devised as thing indicating policy that town development for 20 years later was almost basic of Naka Ward in July, 2005.
 Along Naka Ward plan, various facilities such as road or park have been maintained commencing with maintenance and 2, Shinyamashita residential quarter improvement business of elephant's trunk park afterwards.
 In addition, "the local town development promotion regulations" were enforced in October, 2005. In this way, activity that local people were made up mainly of becomes active and follows to date.
 On the other hand, the arrival of population decline society is predicted, and, with social economic turn of eventss, "whole Yokohama-shi city planning master plan design" that is higher plan of Naka Ward plan (following "whole design") is revised in March, 2013, and revision of each ward plan advances sequentially.
 We push forward revision work with revisions of whole design in Naka Ward plan this time.

We devise current city planning master plan, Naka Ward plan "Naka Ward town development policy" in July, 2005.

You can see contents when we click the following titles.

City planning master plan, Naka Ward plan
"Naka Ward town development policy"
(the whole sentence) (2.37MB)
Naka Ward plan Naka Ward town development policy cover image
(summary version) (762KB) Cover image for summary

 In development, inhabitants of a ward gave cooperation to various opinions commencing with draft briefing session. Thank you. 

About city planning master plan, Naka Ward plan (2005)

(1) What is Naka Ward plan?
 "The making of city" and "town development" affect overall civic life and are citizen, company to make their cities and towns a better one and administrative approach.
 In addition, we plan healthy development of city and orderly maintenance by establishing matter which is necessary for town development as base facilities such as thing and road or park where regulation guides use of land to to realize about "* ri of town" which such making of city and town development aim at with "city planning".
 "City planning master plan" is policy of this city planning.
 City planning master plan "whole design" of the whole Yokohama-shi (Urban Development Bureau) is devised in 2000.
→To page of approach (Urban Development Bureau) of city planning master plan of Yokohama-shi

 "City planning master plan, Naka Ward plan" that Naka Ward devised in 2005 was "design according to area" in Yokohama-shi city planning master plan and devised "basic policy" of city planning which almost fixed its eyes on the future 20 years later of Naka Ward.
 In addition, city planning master plan is plan placed as 2 of Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 18 as "basic policy about city planning of the municipalities".

(2) What we show by current Naka Ward plan
     By Naka Ward plan, we gather up about next four items.
    (a) Aim of town development
      We show ways of thinking of figure and town development of city to aim at of Naka Ward.
    (i) Policy according to field
      We show aim and policy every road and park, each theme including local activation.
    (u) Policy of town development according to district
      We almost show image every each district in the future 20 years later.
    (e) For realization (promotion policy)
      We show policy to realize plan.

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