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It is ... new Director General greetings ... to inhabitants of a ward

All of you, nice to meet you of middle inhabitant of a ward. It is Takemae University of new Director General (Takemae rises).
We will wrestle for Naka Ward hard from now on. Thank you for your cooperation.
As for the Naka Ward, the constituency system 90th anniversary, opening of a port memory hall reach the opening 100th anniversary this year. We heap up both anniversaries as "all Naka Ward" with all of various groups and create vigor of town, and step-up says inhabitant of a ward, company for the future.
In addition, more than Naka Ward community-based welfare health pipelaying, construction of local inclusion care system, sex, nationality, generation including revision of town development policy of ward, anyone pushes forward approach for realization of town which can shine for security, relief lively.
Collective strength of power, "all Naka Ward" of power, the workplace of each staff. As we raise and concentrate and wrestle toward accomplishment in solidarity, we would like these three power as one of cooperation.