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Everybody who thinks that it is, "we want to do it what it will be from now on!"!
You learn the making of know-how and group of volunteer activity, and do you not start activity from spring? 
Four themes of activity. "It is said that it is interesting!" You who thought "do I seem to be able to do it?!" must participate!

Lecturer Kazuko Tokito photograph

[the date and time]
February 16, 2018, March 2, 16th, 23rd
From 10:00 to 12:00

(lecture of all Friday, all four times course +2 23 days a month)

[place] naka inhabitant of a ward activity center (the first floor of the Yokohama City Hall annex)
[offer] 20 people



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Naka Ward Office Regional Promotion Division ☎045-224-8137 FAX 045-224-8215

Email na-event@city.yokohama.jp

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