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Map information of Naka Ward

We can read map of Naka Ward issuance on the Internet.


Naka Ward inhabitant of a ward life map

It is map which covered all government offices, school in ward, museum, art museum, hospital, recreation facility, setting facilities of AED (automated external defibrillator).
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Pictorial map that monument removes the history of Naka Ward

We introduce monument and historic spot in place of opening of a port "Yokohama, Naka Ward".
We see on WEB map "yokohamappu" (※ old information that is available for scroll and reshuffling with aerial photograph is included)
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tekuteku walk guide

We introduce facility which can work on walking route and exercise in Naka Ward. Downloading of guidebook is possible, too.
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Naka-ku Park map

It is with photograph and introduces all parks in Naka Ward and venue of the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair.
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Naka Ward outing spot map

About open spaces that can spend time with child in peace, we introduce object, use charges on use contents, the date and time.
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