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Naka Ward Granma nursery school business recruits portrait works. 


In Naka Ward, we carry out Granma nursery school business in target nursery school in ward.


Targeting at children that this business is used  for "Granma" (grand mother) of business name,
We raise
portrait works of grandmother.

In addition, we display entry in Naka Ward Office according to 6.


Please download detailed offer guidance and information for Granma nursery school business than page bedrock link.


1 qualifications

  Child who uses Granma nursery school


2 standards

  Please use rule paper to distribute at each Granma nursery school garden.

  Describe painting in appearance, use garden name (essential), age (essential),

And please fill in name (possible not the real name) (voluntarily).

You   check in check column of "entry column of the back side of protector", and please fill in protector name.


3 themes

  As a general rule, it is portrait of "grand mother" (grandmother),

It is said that other themes are possible.


4 application methods

You   receive rule paper in Granma nursery school, and please submit work to use garden.


5 application periods

  From Monday, September 10, 2018 to Friday, October 26, 2018


Display of 6 works

  We display entry in Naka Ward Office.

  Display period: From Monday, November 5, 2018 to Thursday, November 15

(on a lot of entries, we may replace   display work during period.)

※In the case of display, name, age of the work surface and nursery school name is released.

Please submit after understanding.


Return of 7 works

  We do not return entry.


8 references

  Middle Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

  Granma nursery school business charge

  Telephone 045-224-8198

  FAX 045-224-8159


○ Recruitment of essential points such as 2018 Naka Ward Granma nursery school business portrait works

* About Naka Ward Granma nursery school business