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... that Naka Ward Granma Nursery Center business ... nursery school which we can walk turns into the parents' house


What is Granma nursery school?

It is nursery school supporting local child care that Granma nursery school can be idle casually not specific nursery school and can do consultation. When we can play in garden even if we do not go to nursery school and leave child temporarily, we can totally rely like the parents' house.
※"Granma" is abbreviation of grand mother (grandmother).

This signboard is mark 

 Signboard of Granma nursery school  Mark (temporary childcare) of apple Mark (picture book) of apple Mark (child-care consultation service) of apple Mark (garden opening) of apple

 List of Granma nursery school conduct garden is ⇒ this


Each menu of Granma nursery school

[temporary childcare] ※Pay (rate varies according to garden.) , reservation required
  We can leave child temporarily.
 Of course we go to hair salon, and, in the case of going to hospital, even the use to go out is possible.   
 Including time when want to take a break would like to use?
 As time or rate to leave vary according to garden, please use after confirmation.

[picture book rental] ※Free subscription unnecessary
 We can borrow various picture books in imminent nursery school. Number of books and rental period vary according to garden.

[child-care consultation service] ※Depending on free garden, reservation is necessary.
 "Calling out to child how"
 "Little child is born and does not understand how to contact big children"
 We can talk about nado, child care.
 Please feel free to consult in slight uneasiness, thing that you do not understand!

[garden (facility) opening] ※Free of charge, no appointment necessary
 Facility of nursery school is available. Can you play with other children?